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  • Warriors of DuskClan

    Welcome to Warrior Cats of DuskClan! [Created and owned by 88Toxm88!] **The largest Warriors Roblox Clan!** Created February 20th, 2011. Post your character bios here: You can also roleplay here: --Please use () or [] when talking out of character. --Roleplay is to be done in the style of the books. -Do not control other people's characters. -All names must be realistic to the books, as well as descriptions. - You may only roleplay one non-clan cat, and as many clan cats as you want. -You may choose a name to use, even if it's already been taken CLAN RANKINGS Leader - JaggedStar (Baibyblue) Deputy - Whitecloud (Cuddlebeary) Medicine Cat - Sagesun (RainbowWolfie) Apprentice - Fallenpaw (Kerri168) **Ask anyone in the moderator rank for rank up**

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  • Pinewood Builders

    Welcome to Pinewood. We come together as an alliance, since 2008 we have created the next best thing for humanity and Robloxkind; we master science, creation, explosions... as well as all the fun included, and we want you to be part of it. We pioneer in aerospace, the design of shuttles and transport, mining technology, stability, weapons testing, scripts, military technology, zero-g, physics engine research, epic weapon battles, zombies, and everything else you could possibly think of. We hope you can join us on our journey. Promotion guide- Check out the personal servers tab to see some of our games! "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe"

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  • Zombies attacking your house! 4000 Visits!

    I can't believe I have gotten 4000 visits. Thank you all for playing. I shall come up with a great update soon. (Also feel free to message me ideas!)

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