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  • The Order of Righteous and Harmonious Heads

    ---THE GRAND TO-DO LIST OF GRANDNESS--- >>BASE >Tileset, finish and publish for group use >Terrain/islands for main base >Unique details to main base >More to come as time goes on >>UNIFORMS >If you know/are someone who's decently good at making shirts, please PM me or post on group wall >>>TECH >>Weapons >Working on re-purposing some old equipment to work as a new rifle and pistol for us to use >Planning to add more specific, new weapons in the future >Mechsuits/Hardsuits are in the works. I plan on having them used by the majority of us in combat. >>Vehicles >Low-Altitude dropship for moving people from A to B >A mech is planned >>POPULATION >We need to get some more people. I might tix bomb an advert with about 20k. >>MISC >7 Strictures of the Bigheadian to be posted here soon

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  • Intelligence Factory

    ======================================= WELCOME ======================================= Hello, and welcome to Intelligence Factory! Intelligence Factory is a group which makes all military-based equipment, ranging from guns and cars to thermonuclear weapons. --GETTING STARTED-- New to Intelligence Factory? Then you must be in the "Pending" rank. Please send the user "marioland77" a 250 character essay about why you want to be in Intelligence Factory and what you're good at. --UNIFORM-- Coming Soon! --GUIDE-- Coming Soon!

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  • United Soul Reapers

    We are still growing and thus can't have any wars. If you are a small clan then we will be glad to war against you thanks.

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  • d512634's Fan Club

    Caution: "This is Sparta, not a fan club of Base War." This is also a group about my games "Build Fight and Roleplay". Join this group if you like my game. You can post on the group wall if you aren't a member. Be nice and give me some good ideas, and be careful not to burn my heads.

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  • Gods of force

    This clan is for people who respect the gods and goddesses.For those of you who think, that Cronus starts with a "K" instead of a "C" you're wrong. <--Kratos, a god of war on god war video games allies:Dark Revoultion, brotherhood of iron, Dex Clan and the lozers enemies:R.D.A, R.A.F.F.L.E Founder:noz10 New ad-min leaders:Deathridder, Shadow9110,and Pockets08

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  • [ Content Deleted 29817 ]

    [ Content Deleted ]

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  • Orglock Empire

    A memorial to an Empire of old. Third war clan ever to exist on Roblox. In honor of our friends in the Orglock Empire and the Elite Wing. Long let the Orglock Empire sleep.

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