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  • Consortium of Wrath

    "Loyalty, discipline, honor, and respect". Submerge yourself into the Consortium. Terms and Conditions are below: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=162219415 NOTICE: In order to join Wrath you must complete The Sinister Conversion: http://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2636922

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      Overseer of Wrath
  • Church Of Satanism

    All types of Satanism are welcome in this group. Here we can communicate with one another. I realize that acts of ritual have no real bearing on the material or invisible worlds. I acknowledge that it is my mind alone that manipulates the web of reality and makes my will manifest. While good and evil do not exist--except within the bounds of personal preference and perception, and I am not constrained by moral barriers--I will not harm those who have not sought destruction to my lot, life, freedom and happiness. To my fellows I swear by my blood, my loyalty, and to offer whatever services I can, should they ever be in need of me. I realize that my actions of today will cast a reaction and reflection into the future of the intangible tomorrow. Therefore I announce myself as the ruler of my own destiny and will place the responsibility to enrich my existence upon my own head. I am a Satanist, the highest embodiment of human life.

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  • (RC) Raven Corporation

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  • Horrible4

    I am the unavoidable, indisputable, antichristic undefeatable enemy. I'm a cynical, sarcastic, seductive seeker of the source code hell bent on corrupting the status quo. A libertarian librarian of esoteric expressions of exceptional enlightenment of the soul. I break bread with the born dead again over bearing belaters of the bottom floor but never taste the torturous temptations of the terrible tribulation bound tellers of their bull. Put me to a task and I will make a difference but to face my wrath is just a loss of innocence. I will be on this planet and with certainty you have already felt me. I am the spirit of sovereign liberty, rebellion, lust and hate, the antithesis to oppression, tyranny, and overseership. I am justice born of human compassion the antidoctrination and symbol for blaspheme I will burn until I die and return for I am I and when the gavel beats to the rhythm of my heart, you will be free, free at last from the dark. - Horrible4

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