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  • Dying Cause.

    Dying Cause is a Punk gang. We operate in several areas. Send a request and someone will talk to you about membership.

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  • [SCF] Stormcage Containment Facility

    Welcome to [SCF] Stormcage Containment Facility. SCF is a medium-security prison. SCF houses and manages possession of lethal and dangerous criminals, therefore has a guarding-point set high. Inmates usually tend to attempt escape of the prison and its outer-premises, but fail due to its intense security-measurements. -------------------- *SCF IS THE MOST ACTIVE PRISON ON ROBLOX* -------------------- SinisterRevenge Founded SCF. Owned by FIREHOTSHOT. -------------------- This prison is based on strict role-play, therefore trolls will not be tolerated. Begging a HR for a rank will most likely get you blacklisted/banned/kicked/etc. -------------------- ***Inmates must wear jumpsuits 24/7 for rank-ups*** -------------------- [GANG INFO:] To become an official gang and own a turf you need to have a gang of at least 15 members! A turf will need to be bought; or you have to secure it for 2 days and possibly longer! -------------------- If you have any

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  • Joint Special Operations Intelligence Network

    The Intelligence Network is responsible for collecting information on both foreign and domestic groups that may pose hostility towards the Regiment. The Network is also entitled to investigate any person that may be posing threats to the JSOR Administration.

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  • Joint Special Operations Regiment

    The Joint Special Operations Regiment, Also known as JSOR is an Independent Organization focused on providing tailored military combat-skills in order to enhance tactical capabilities and to support Direct Action for clandestine activities. Personnel train and assist in foreign aid, including military and paramilitary forces in foreign territory. By enabling them to support internal security and stability, to counter subversion and to reduce the risk of violence from insurgency threats. Operations are coordinated specifically by the Commander in response to a developing situation. Operations may be combat or noncombat nature and are referred by code names for Security purposes. Frequently Asked Questions Updated 5/11/2015 Join our Teamspeak 3 Server Today! Follow us on Twitter!

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