Page loading.. Done Power: ranges from 500,000 to 1 million Primary moves: Kaioken attack, monster crush,wolf fang fist, angry kamehameha, giga impact, power attack and Mega hellzone grenade special moves: the monster combo, Infinite attack punch, air strike and comet star strike Rank: Mustafas armored squadran Sword skill: 127 Energy skill: 5673 Attack skill: 2639 Agility skill: 276 Aiming skill: 28733

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  • [DBOF] Wolf Clan

    The first and most powerful clan on the game DBOF, a group of Z Fighters with the strength of the wolf. -----How to get ranked up----- Meet a War Council member or the Grand Master in game, and show them your skills at fighting. If the Grand Master knows you and that you are a good fighter, you will automatically be promoted to the Master rank. Nova Games members automatically get promoted to Master rank, and Inner Circle members of Nova get promoted to War Council.

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  • Sayian School

    This is a group based on Dragon Ball Z Imploding Galaxies, and Robotmega's Dragon Ball Final Adventure. We will train you all to be dedicated, fair, honest individuals who will show sportsmanship and strength out in the battlefield. Our Pledge: "Dedicated to train every individual to be the great fighter who uphold integrity, and sportsmanship out in the battlefield" To be Promoted: The way to be promoted is you must either lead a FULL class the whole time flawlessly with very little mistakes OR passing exams. The main masters are: Roastedgigo, Gelitel441, and rodeburner

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  • When Worlds Collide RPG

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