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  • Team Fortress 2 Fan Club

    Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 Fan Club. here you can talk about TF2 an other stuff. Other Groups: (Official Steam Group: (Left 4 Dead Group: Places: (XiaoXiaoMan's Team Fortress 2: (Ro-Fortress 2:

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  • The Dark Fleet

    The Dark Fleet, a group of highly trained soldiers and Commanders that fight for our own resolution, and, seek to help ourselves and sometimes others. WE may have a small Army but remember small is powerful!! (DF Rules: ( DF Rules By mc: ___________________________________________ Coniungere. munda. liberare ___________________________________________ You must join the Academy and graduate to get higher than recruit.Must not have safechat to join __________________________________________ We're a war group, but, we also have recreational times, and are a fun and happy group all together.Most of the time. You must be active or be kicked DO NOT ASK FOR PROMOTIONS! __________________________________________ Second in command: DinoMasher ___________________________________________ Universal Uniform: Top:

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  • Ministry of BLOX

    Hello Robloxian's! This group is mainly for those who enjoy bloxxing in many different ways. We will mostly use the classic brickbattle weapons in trainings. When we are in wars that is a different story. We will use any weapons provided there and will not RAGE QUIT a War! If you want to leave that is fine but you will not be acknowledged after we win the war. We will stand as a neutrel for those in need of an allie and a threat to our enemies. Anyway's have fun BLOXXING everyone!

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