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  • SILUMS' fans and friends!

    Join this group if your a fan or friend of the amazing SILUMS!

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      Friends or Fans of SILUMS

  • The Dark Brotherhood/The Assassins Guild

    ______________________________________________________________ Skyrim Affiliated. Imperials Suck. ______________________________________________________________ Here everyone will join to just talk about Skyrim with many other fans, share strategies, ask people how to complete certain missions, and what fun stuff can be done in the great game of Skyrim!! ______________________________________________________________ Every week there will be a Question of the Week about Skyrim, and you guys will try and answer the question as best as you can on the group wall! We will have competitions, Skyrim Knowledge Tournaments, and the winners of the competitions will earn rewards in the group! ______________________________________________________________ You can be a race in the group, have a job as a scholar, or work your way up as a High Rank to help manage the group! We will have many games of the cities in Skyrim that you can play in! Have fun!!!

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  • Shinobi Rankings

    The only way to rank up is if a KAGE or SENSEI declare there should be an exam. The exams can be from genin-jounin, including sensei/teacher exams. Also read the rules and guide of my place!!!!!! CLOTHING: (http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=11760799) (http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=11686733) [Other groups are accepted if they promote training and declare ranks.]

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  • Wild Akatsuki Ninja Time

    SEND REQUEST TO JOIN! No OCs allowed! ROLES~~~ Madara Uchiha/Tobi (Leader): FLIPTOFLOP ~~~ Deidara: SAKURA0927 ~~~ Izuna Uchiha: NEJI321123 ~~~ Pein (Nagato): ENTEI55 ~~~ Sasori: AKOURA ~~~ Itachi: COOLIO0 ~~~ Konan: LEGOPANDA ~~~ Kisame: GHOSTEMINEM ~~~ Hidan: SADIETHEKISSER ~~~ Sasuke: CJTHADJ ~~~ Kakuzu: AKATSUKI0927 ~~ Black Zetsu: SASUKE907 ~~~ Obito/Tobi 2: ALEXISDARKBLOOD ~~~ White Zetsu: ZETSUFAN123 ~~~ Suigetsu: FRIAZA ~~~ Jugo: SLIPKNOT11866 ***ALL OTHER SPOTS ARE OPEN*** This group is based off the Naruto anime and manga.

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  • Administrators

    Administrators fan club!

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