My name:yy88 My favorite games:sonic,saints row,saints row 2 and saint row 3,roblox My best friends:speed336 leshawn05 blackspy891 and leames and StealthNinja107,mikeymatt,1xxbraxtonxx1,Harry,airplane1221 and many more that im too lazy to put. My rank in ucaf:Ex-General GOD ROCKS thats all cya I've been on roblox for about 6 years now my very first account was omara.

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    Important Group Info + Regulations - http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=173639351 Twitter - @UCAF_Official Facebook - RblxUCAF We are the United Countries Air Force. We specialize in air combat and are currently one of the largest most active Air Force's on ROBLOX with ground breaking technology. We take massive pride in this and keep focused on our group aims. We ask of each member to listen to high ranks and do as told, meanwhile having fun at the same time as well as forming friendships with other members. We strongly believe in being respectful to other members and being respectful to groups who respect us. If you want to be led by a leader who disciplines members on absolutely any wrongdoing then this is not the group for you. However, stretch us too far and we will not put up with you. Thank you to all the members currently and in the past who have helped to make the group the success that it is today. Group founded by opplo in October 2009

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