""""""99% of teenagers would cry if they saw justin bieber standing on top of a tower about to jump.If you are the 1% sitting there with popcorn and 3D glasses,Screaming DO A BACKFLIP! copy and paste this as your status:D"" " "

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  • Wingz Club

    Join this group for information on exclusive Wingz World V events.

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  • the fear destroyers

    he new owner is warrorofthedeep he will be in charge il still be top rank but hes the boss we are club deep and fear destroyesr group shirt is here but if uw ant it more easy go to mah profle and go to mah shrts and pants pant sare allys dragon empire,and fear destroyers elite

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      deep trainees

  • United Marine Forces of Robloxia

    Proud, tall; through the blazing fire stands the U.M.F.R. We are the United Marine Forces of Robloxia. We do not surrender, we do not give up; defeat is not an option. We will teach you discipline, honor, respect, and most importantly, we will teach you how to fight. If you’re thinking about taking the challenge of becoming one of us, remember these three words: “Lock and load”. ____________________________________________ Uniforms: Available based off of rank in the group store. ____________________________________________ Defeated:TUU, HTSA, NFA(Soccer's Era), ESS division,Seperatist group, EF, HE, RCR(Frank) ____________________________________________ Defeated by: Only by WIJ (Lost final battle) ____________________________________________ News: Revival in progress! (As of 5/7/14) ____________________________________________ Group Guide:

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  • Top Gun Bloxxers

    This group is for the elite fighter pilots of roblox, the best of the best. to join you must be able to fly advanced jets very well in battle. T-shirt link (mandatory for all aces): Semper fidelis, per ardua ad astra - always faithfull, through difficulties to the stars. The Top Gun Bloxxers motto. Allies: C.Q.O Enemies: F.E.A.R Uniform:

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  • A+ Cargo

    Welcome to A+ CARGO'S home page.ROBLOX's largest air cargo fleet, and a new ground fleet.Sorry we do not take luggage only cargo for air services.Please see your airline for more info. Are closest competitor for air services is Aer lingus cargo.We fly:747-8,MD-11,A310,767-3,757-F, 737-8,DHC-6F, ATR-72F and Fairchild expeditor. Also now operating all AA,Royal Bloxxian,Skytran and Golden cargo flights. A+ Cargo is currently only doing normal aviation operations. Ground and Sea operations are still in the works.

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      Airport& distributing Worker


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