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  • Hidden Sniper

    Rules: 1:Do not disobey a higher rank. 2:Respect lower ranks. 3:Attemp all trainings possible. 4:Do not take matters in your own hands. 5: DO NOT BREAK THESE RULES. Motto: Aim,Fire,Kill and do not die. Have sniper skills but still want to improve? JOIN Hidden Sniper If you are looking for the most skilled sniping group on roblox you found it,all you have to do now is click that join button.

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      [lvl2]advanced rookie

  • B-b Studio

    Welcome to the Studio of users 'BookOfLight' - 'blockof'. The creator's of TheSeventhHokage. We are best known for our Naruto games. Main Twitter: @CaribBros Twitter: @JstSaleem & @SidSins READ! Hello, when we make Deadlines, it's an estimated time. Deadlines are a reminder for us to pull of amazing work in a short period of time. We don't work with a group of people. We do care about our games and it's progression. This is business to us, we are only doing business here. Many of you will rage at Deadlines, this makes us happy too see that so many of you love our games. Clothing Designers! Message 'BookOfLight' to start as a clothing designer for our games. Have an idea! Message the creators of the Studio.

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      Platinum [Windmill]

  • BT Productions

    This group is the official fan/feedback group of BT Productions. Feel free to join and leave your suggestions and comments on the wall! THE RULES: - Don't talk about things that might be offensive to anyone. (Religion, politics, etc.) - Don't post unsolicited/unrelated posts on the group wall. (spam, advertisements, etc.) - Don't post about stuff unrelated to BT Productions. RANK UPS: - Super/Ultra Follower: Be active on the games/group! - The other ranks are invite-only. Tags: buildthomas Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry Potter Harry HP magic Ro-Connect Studios testing test ARA Blockwarts studios

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  • Innovation Inc.

    PROMOTION GUIDE http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=147017440 Only Builder grade 1 and up can post on the wall in order to reduce spam, and keep the group meaningful. Innovation Inc is a science-themed building group running since 2009. We focus on building high-tech bases, space ships, anti-gravity chambers, genetic mutators and lots of lasers. Innovation serves as a place for builders and scripters of all levels to share ideas, discuss ROBLOX, and help each other. Roblox news and updates will be posted on the shout regularly so members can keep up to date with the latest Roblox has to offer, as well as the occasional science related shout and discussion.

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    have fun nuking everything /:3 forgot how to make it stop :l

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