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  • (Roblox Edition) Total Drama Island

    Welcome to Total Drama Island, ROBLOX edition! This is one of the most original group/place, and ranks! Do not advertise, new challenges soon! Total Drama Island is a fictional reality show where campers compete in a camp named "Camp Wawanakwa" to win 1 million dollars. You will go to a team randomly, killer bass or screaming gophers. The campers participate in competitions to avoid being voted off the island by their fellow campers. The loser team will go to elimination. After 8 or 10 players are still on the season, merge will happen. Merge means "free for all". Do you have what it takes with the ugly cabins, hard challenges, nasty restrooms, and the drama? This is Total. Drama. Issslandd! If you win/runner up, I will write your name down in notepad and post it when the era is done.

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  • Roblox Total Drama World Tour

    you like total drama? you will love Total Drama World Tour! come now its the official roblox group of TDWT!!! TDWT is little bit like total drama but, there is 3 teams (victory,chris,amazon) they will do chalenge in a lot of different country to win the first class join now and enjoy your game with friends! the official TD Group is Roblox Presents: Total Drama. Join Today! ___________________________________________ we are not only a Total drama World tour group! we are have Total drama north America tour and Total drama action and more! we are more like a normal TD :P ___________________________________________ rules: -never rage -when you think its unfair think than if its fair for you its not for the others. -never ask admin or ban. -always have respect to host and others campers -AND HAVE FUN! ___________________________________________ go check on the group store for uniform who give you bonus on all my map!

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  • Leg2tight's Total Drama Action

    Welcome to Truelegitons TDA!] Supreme Stars Teams Website below h@ttp@://@ro@blox@leg2t@ight@tda@.@we@ebly@.@c@om@/ Remove the @'s Plans Players VS Favourites {1 Whole SEASON} Heroes VS Villians {1 WHOLE Season} Redo Supreme Stars {In Sessions}

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  • Pokémon Power

    This clan is all about fun, battling and learning more about Pokémon. You can have fun with fellow ROBLOXians and talk about Pokemon stuff. To rank up in this group, you must buy 1 t-shirt from the store to be a normal trainer, two t-shirts to be a ace trainer, and four t-shirts to be a advanced trainer. You can not be any of the other ranks for now. YOU HAVE TO PM Conor3D SO I CAN RANK YOU!

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  • BereghostGames Fans!

    Official BereghostGames Fan Group Next Stream - TBA "Variety of gaming for all ages!" RULES - Don't spam on the group wall - Don't swear - Don't be rude towards fellow members - Do NOT use all caps on the group wall -Please no advertising. Thank you :) If you see anything on the group wall that you think violates these rules, please send a message to one of the moderators and we'll take it down as we see fit! Bereghost's YouTube channel: Team Bereghost is Mike, Tyler, #Blockhead & Brianna.

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