"I will never be compleatly human"



i wasent always a droid normal robloxsean workrer/ several jobs i became an asasin changed job became a soilder defens fleat then jungle fleet finaly desert force shot doune left for dead ellan3 took my brain data put it on a chip then into a robot boddy

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  • City-State of Pompeii

    Welcome to the City-State of Pompeii. We will be lucky to have you as a member or as an ally. We are an independent State of Rome, so we are not under any restrictions from other groups & states. We are not controlled by SPQR the only controller of City-State of Pompeii is the Emperor of Pompeii. Salvette Pompeii! Raid Wins:12 Raid Losses:3 Wars won:1 Wars lost:0 Uniform: In group store.

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  • Bounty Hunters United [BHU]

    (IF YOU WANT TO ADVANCE FROM 'WAITING APPROVAL' RANK, PLEASE PM ME ABOUT YOURSELF.) _______________________ [-- CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT --] (The BHU is preparing a startup) _______________________ ----=====[BHU]=====---- - Welcome to the BHU - The BHU is a futuristic military-based group of mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters. We are a revival of an old group by a similar name with 500+ members. (ATTENTION: This contains very outdated information, that will update on startup. Our apologies.) ____________ OFFICIAL GUIDE: (v2.2) Wars total: 1 Wars won: 1 ____________________________________ Trainings held daily at 6pm or 7pm EST! Bounty status, War status, and general information found here: "We will carry on this name for honor of our past, we shall never fall due to what we are referred to as, we will fight with honor for our future and our past and restore t

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      [MR] Bounty Hunter

  • Innovation Security

    Reading the Description will help. Welcome to Innovation security! A group based around the defense of Innovation Incorporated Bases. 2015 Uniforms: Security Guidebook: (Anyone wanting to join must read this) Security Codes of Order: These are also to be read. Breaking these will result in demotion. Security Training Codex

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  • Innovation Inc.

    PROMOTION GUIDE Only Builder grade 1 and up can post on the wall in order to reduce spam, and keep the group meaningful. Innovation Inc is a science-themed building group running since 2009. We focus on building high-tech bases, space ships, anti-gravity chambers, genetic mutators and lots of lasers. Innovation serves as a place for builders and scripters of all levels to share ideas, discuss ROBLOX, and help each other. Roblox news and updates will be posted on the shout regularly so members can keep up to date with the latest Roblox has to offer, as well as the occasional science related shout and discussion.

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  • Bounty Hunters Unite

    We are no longer active! Please stop sending us bounties!

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  • B.H.U fort canyon

    A out dated build that I made a long time ago, It used to look grait but roblox needed to please the morons so it no longer works

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