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  • Car crushers official group

    Welcome to the official group for car crushers! If you join this group you will gain access to 3 group-only vehicles and get a light blue "Crushing fan" tag in the game. Group-only vehicles are marked with a light blue spawner and after you join the group you can only access it after rejoining the game. How to get ranks: --super crusher-- - Let me know about a bug in the game that i'm not aware of, try to be very specific or link me a video with footage of the bug. --Pro crusher-- - Submit a destruction sound effect for the game (audio quality must be good) --Master crusher-- - Make a vehicle for the game, vehicles like trucks, busses and tanks are wanted. If you have a bug report you can send me a message or post it here: http://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=185246501

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      Crushing fan
  • Super Games

    Welcome to Super Games.We are a studio which produces quality and enjoyable games for people to visit.The aim of this group is to help Devs who are good at creating fun games to play,but don't get publicity, and also making the front page better. People who are in the Developer rank are the people who make games under SG (SG devs), including SuperCloud9. Shouts:(because we at SG love to hear feedback and listen to the community and add the good ideas to our games) Opinion/ This is self explanatory, it asks you to give an opinion on whatever topic and game the Opinion shout is talking about, if you want to leave a post related to the shout, start your post with an Opinion/ Idea/ Also simple, it asks you to brainstorm ideas about whatever topic and game the Idea shout is talking about, if you want to leave a post related to the shout, start your post with an Idea/ Want to see some other great games from SG? Check our allies section.

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  • Roblox

    Official fan club of ROBLOX!

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