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  • Red Penguin Productions

    We are the developing group responsible for the successful break out game, TNT Rush, and other games such as The Killer, and Prop Hunt. More games are soon to come in 2016, stay tuned!

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  • Melanie Martinez Fans

    Logo Creds to: iiCorrine Tysm for 940+ Members Ilyasm <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Group Help Link: ~ 2016 Logo Contest Link: - You are ranked depending on your activness in the group, I hope you guys enjoy this group, you are all amazing Crybabies! Stay perfect! (WARNING: Please be kind, no reason to be unkind, please don't ask for a rank up, I rank people who are active, loyal, confident, and so on. If I rank you, you probably showed some of the things listed above. ) ~ Links to Melanies music: ~ Contact me on skype: corrinemots or twitter @trxyesbean if you need any info! <3 ~ I hope you enjoy our fangroup!

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  • The Quarry Fan Club

    The Official Fan Club for The Quarry! Available Promos: 10,000 Mined - Skilled 100,000 Mined - Expert 500,000 Mined - Master 1,000,000 Mined - Legendary 5,000,000 Mined - Universal A sequel for The Quarry is being looked on via Horizon Games.

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  • BT Productions

    This group is the official fan/feedback group of BT Productions. Feel free to join and leave your suggestions and comments on the wall! THE RULES: - Don't talk about things that might be offensive to anyone. (Religion, politics, etc.) - Don't post unsolicited/unrelated posts on the group wall. (spam, advertisements, etc.) - Don't post about stuff unrelated to BT Productions. RANK UPS: - Super/Ultra Follower: Be active on the games! - The other ranks are invite-only. Tags: buildthomas Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry Potter Harry HP magic Ro-Connect Studios testing test ARA Blockwarts studios

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  • Supernatural

    **TAG YOUR SPOILERS!!** -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! This is the biggest Supernatural fan group on ROBLOX! If you have never watched Supernatural I highly suggest you watch it, It's a series about mythical creatures, Such as Demons, Spirits, Shapeshifters, And more! Supernatural is about two brothers who follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Go join "The Supernatural Army"! It's a war group based on Supernatural! Go join now: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Play this awesome game by Hunter6466: It's the bunker!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Message me about ranking

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    I'll go here to play with Kohl's admin if I'm bored. You may follow but I won't make you... Decal; Kohl's admin commands by ryansupersmarter1. Nothing belongs to me ._.

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