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  • Ambassador Groupƒ ƒ

    Merged with Ambassador Theatre Group and Ambassador Studios ----------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the best in live entertainment, film and thrills ----------------------------------------------------------- Application: -----------------------------------------------------------

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  • Fantasmic! - ROBLOX

    A Michael Samuels Production Based On The Disneyland Spectacular. Mickey Mouse opens his imagination to the audience as he conducts a breathtaking water show on the rivers of ROBLOX, Fantasmic! Be mesmerized as your favorite Disney films comes to life in the Fantasia based water spectacular, it truly is, Fantasmic! Fantasmic Venue:

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  • Universal Parks & Resorts

    It is with my deepest regrets that with Roblox’s newest terms & rules, our theme park’s name will no longer involve the Universal Studios name, nor any property not owned by us. Although we will continue with our theme park project, it will no longer contain any Universal Studios properties. I have decided to re-brand our park as “BrickWorld Studios – Theme Park” that will include unique creations and stories not associated with any copyrighted material. I welcome you all to join the following group: “BrickWorld Parks & Resorts” as we enter a new chapter in our theme park story. We will keep Universal Parks & Resorts as a fan group. The Universal Studios - Theme Park will cease to exist as a Universal branded park by August 1st and will be re-branded as Brick World Studios - Theme Park!

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  • ROBLOXFave Fan Club

    Join here if you're a fan. Ally us if you'd like to. Please, NO advertising on the wall. As another note, NEVER click on any links people post on the wall unless it comes directly from me (Faave)! Youtube : Twitter : ROBLOXFave: 65,040 subscribers as of 6/23/16 12:05 PM EST ROBLOXFave2: 7,777 subscribers as of 6/17/16 11:01 AM EST Buy the mega fan shirt in the store to get promoted to mega fan and an invite to the clan! You know how Faave can be sometimes... call him Fave!

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  • Disney California Parks

    Notice: This group now supports all Disney parks. "To all who come to this happy place - welcome." Walt Disney Rules of the group are simple. Respect others, racist or sexist comments are not tolerated. Do not say things that may be hurtful to others. Please do not advertise for other groups on our wall, thank you. Chiefs of DCP: Operations: Megan4100 and SkipOfJungleCruise Hotels and Co-Chief of Operations: SeanMichaell Imagineering: Fusion1227 This group would not be possible without the many great imagineers of the community. Take the time to thank them, and look at their servers. Credits: No copyright infringement intended, all Disney logos, and titles are part of the Disney Company and Disneyland Resort. Please contact Fusion1227 if you are interested in a position as Imagineer All other positions may be applied for at the offices. Too boost your chance of being hired, be as detailed as possible

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