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  • Rich Robloxians ( United )

    We donate! RR(U) FIRST on the list of rich themed groups. We are also First on the list of Donation Groups! Ever want to be rich, we will donate! ----------------------------------------------------- Ever Want to have Limited Items, we will trade ----------------------------------------------------- Ever Want to make friends, we will provide ----------------------------------------------------- Also Easy Promotions! If I see you wearing the uniform you rank up! ----------------------------------------------------- We have 3,100+ members, we are rising. ----------------------------------------------------- You can get the group shirt, in the group store. ----------------------------------------------------- ----------RANKS---------- (1)Beginner trader - No BC (2)BC Trader - You have BC (3)Middleclass - Own over 5k in limiteds (4)Rich - Own over 50k Robux in limiteds (5)Richest - Own over 100k in Robux Tags: Rich Robloxians, Rich, Donations, Donate, Donatio

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  • Chaos Rising [Sword Art Online: Burst]

    | CR | Chaos Rising : SAOB Any new members must private message your level to the Emperor or Overlord with a screenshot proving your level. Chaotic Emperor : Zearien Chaotic Overlord : StarBuckzWifi, Fearien Chaotic Dragon : ImTheHolyDragon Chaotic Knives : 1000Knives | PK Guild | | Rank Guide | | Recruit : 1 - 10 | Scout : 10 - 15 | | Knight: 16 - 21 | | Master: 22 - 27| | Captain : 28 - 33 | | Chaotic : 34 - 46 | | Commander : High Rank (Trust Worthy) | | Chaotic Officer High Rank | | Chaotic Specialist High Rank | | Chaotic Major High Rank | | Chaotic Lieutenant High Rank (Trust Worthy) | | Chaotic Knives 4th in command (Trust Worthy) | | Chaotic Beast : 3rd in command ( Trust Worthy ) | | Chaotic Overlord : 2nd in command (Trust worthy) | Chaotic Emperor : Founder of this guild. | Do NOT Pk any fellow guild members or any allied members

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  • Knights Of The Blood Oath[Sword Art Online: Burst]

    Knights Of The Blood Oath vow to protect those who are PKed and shall send criminals through hell over and over again. The Knights Of The Blood Oath is a highly skilled guild, experienced in combat. It also consists many high leveled blacksmiths, tailors and cooks. We obviously do not tolerate PKing. Uniform/Pendant - New Members Post on the wall - "Recruited by - Name, Currently Level - Lvl" [ Ranking System ] [ Scout ] Starting Rank [ Knight ] Level 5 [ Corporal ] Level 10 [ Sergeant ] Level 15 [ Staff Sergeant ] Level 20 [ 2nd Lieutenant ] Level 26 [ 1st Lieutenant ] Level 30 [ Captain ] Level 36 [ Front Lines ] Level 46 •Major+ is a HR•

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  • Reason 2 Die Community

    This is the OFFICIAL Reason 2 Die Community founded by PlaceRebuilder. There will be shouts about update, pre-release debug parties, future weapons, maps etc. This is the ONLY group you'll need to stay updated with reason 2 die news. Suggest updates, report bugs or just hangout with other experienced R2D players! Join this group to stay Updated with the latest in Reason 2 Die.

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  • United Defense Organization

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  • The Ancient Killer From The Ancient Ruins

    im still fixing Swords and Shops plz pm me if u know how and pm me suggestions It is a cool rpg that i'm not done with i'm still working on it about some more enemies and lots of stuff. all that gear u see in the menu is really really cool. its going to be one of the TOP rpgs. don't forget to buy those cool things they r really awesome. don't steal kills its unfair and if u see anyone doing that or being mean message me and report them for bullying. its for u guys to enjoy and chill not to be RUDE!!! and do not spam at ALL and i mean it. just have fun and i am going to have way more updates that u will love a lot if u think its not a good game wait for the updates to see how good its going to be. thats' all I've got to say (for now)

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