Hi, Im Sora9200, but you can call me Sora. I hope to be friendly. I DON'T donate, but I will accept all Friend Requests. My twin is Riku9200 and I am German.

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  • League of Legends Players

    The popular new online battle arena game from the makers of and in the fashion of DotA. Join this group to talk about champion builds, strategies, items, and above all, coordinate teams and friend lists with other roblox players!

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  • ROBLOX Fame

    We are the original and biggest Fame Group on ROBLOX. Join now and track your fame, become rich in robux and limited items! Trade and earn a lot of robux! Paparazzi - No requirements. Noticeable - Bricksmith Badge. Slight Fame - Over 2,500 place visits. Close to Fame - Over 8000 place visits. Famous - Over 18,500 place visits. Clan Owner - Owner of a Group with over 2000 members, or a high rank of a group with over 10,000 members. Rich - 75,000 Robux worth of Limiteds. Ultra Fame - Over 50,000 place visits. Mega Fame - Over 100,000 place visits. Ridiculously Famous - Over 500,000 place visits. Uber Famous- Over 750,000 place visits. Too Famous - Over 1 million place visits. Ultra Rich/Famous - Over 1 million place visits with over 1 million Robux worth of limiteds. Epicly Famous - Over 2 million place visits. Fame God - Over 10 million place visits. Legend - A ROBLOX Fame user that has made a huge contribution of their time to the group.

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  • Kongregate!

    Welcome! Welcome to the Kongregate Fan group created by Angelo1254 and mirkokai Rules: 1. No fighting 2. Never envy the creators 3. Be Active 4. always follow us 5. be good to rank up The group is new so please be good.

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  • ~German's Club~

    Alle Spieler in Roblox die Deutsch sprechen sind herzlich willkommen :D

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  • ~ Live with friends and Build ~ (Update)

    Updates : New Store/Regen : Say bricks to regen Bricks and say kidmorph to regen The Kid Morph Live with friends and build is a Roleplay and Building Place. You can build whatever you want . Please be nice to other people. DONT ASK FOR ADMIN! Please dont Online Date. http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=521e047b9e6b8507314748

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