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  • Magi; Bouken No Origin

    Welcome to Magi Bouken No Origin! Game Status: BU2 is currently being implemented into the game! Would you like to stay intact with the community? Join the Magi Discord! | discord[REPLACE WITH A DOT]gg[REPLACE WITH A SLASH]0xUsy0JVJM1tdcNO Magi Blog | mbnoblog[DOT]wordpress[DOT]com Some new rules, and information regarding the game will be discarded to the community on the release of BU2. Wouldn't want any old or outdated information getting out there. ~Sincerely, MBNOCREATOR

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  • One Piece Online: World Government

    ____________________________ This is for the role playing side of Auraworl's One Piece Online. __________________________ Nothing to do with rl should be discussed on this wall, keep that stuff private. This includes Skype accounts, dissing people about what they may or may not be like irl, etc. If you feel the need to cry about the results of a battle, you will be muted. Without proof, no one really cares about your SSJ tier powers.

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  • ===Republic of Vietnam===

    THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM (FIRST SOUTH VIETNAM ON ROBLOX) ___________________________________________ RVN Founder: Benarmyknight2 Motto: To Quoc, Danh Du, Trach Nhiem (Fatherland - Honor - Duty) Anthem: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=106631653 CAPITAL: Saigon Languages: Vietnamese (Official), English, and French Religion: Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Confuciamism, Taoism GOVERNMENT: Presidential Republic Era: Vietnam War and Cold War Years: 1954-1975 _________________________________________ President: gunblader10 Vice President: jimmyslim1234 Prime Minister: Empty _________________________________________ South Vietnamese Empire is the Military

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