Hello, I'm Sevocalarch! Yes this is another account of mine, I'm originally a ROBLOX player from 2009, those were the days! I use to play every day, I was in love with the game! But as time grew and more and updates became more common, the game went... I guess you could say " out of style?" I'm growing to live with these updates but I'm not too happy with a lot of them. But hey, feel free to check out my place! I'm never around a computer so I can't promise much change to it soon but I do have the mobile app so I get on when I can! My original account is Fred3223. I don't use it much but I do get on it when I can, back then I was alittle "noobish" with the tools so the game on there isn't much to be proud of! Thanks for reading! Have a good day! Read More

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    A group for the promotion of boycotting. We are now officially boycotting tickets. Do not buy with tickets, do not exchange tickets, do not run ads with tickets, do not sell for tickets. Please buy the T-Shirt now available! Thanks to all of you who followed the ad! Future boycotts are based off ad submissions and votes. Once I get three ad submissions I will pick my favorite and run it. Ads Submitted Migraines - ShaneSoRocks Tickets - MerchantVIII

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