Hello, I'm Sevocalarch! Yes this is another account of mine, I'm originally a ROBLOX player from 2009, those were the days! I use to play every day, I was in love with the game! But as time grew and more and updates became more common, the game went... I guess you could say " out of style?" I'm growing to live with these updates but I'm not too happy with a lot of them. But hey, feel free to check out my place! I'm never around a computer so I can't promise much change to it soon but I do have the mobile app so I get on when I can! My original account is Fred3223. I don't use it much but I do get on it when I can, back then I was alittle "noobish" with the tools so the game on there isn't much to be proud of! Thanks for reading! Have a good day!

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  • The ROBLOX Forum

    The #1 Forum Group on Roblox! everyone welcomed to join! This group allows users of ROBLOX to chat inside a group rather than on the Forum, it brings all users from all Forums together and discuss selected topics!. All forums welcomed! LMaD, ATR, C&G, RT, OT and others! If you want to summit a question just post it on the wall! Post where you forum on the group wall to be ranked correctly! Next Level -Be active within the group and respect others. Name Level -Be well known around forums or in general. Discussion creator -Post shouts daily about topics for us to discuss. Admin -Helps oversee lower ranks and put them in the correct rank. Message me to request to join clan! Offense, rude, or spam will be deleted on wall! Remember : You don't have to always talk about what the Discussion creators have posted... Talk about LMaD, Trade, ROBLOX Games, a Certain User... Anything!

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  • Roblox Studio Builders Group

    --About RSBG-- RSBG is a building group that was made for helping other builders and/or scripters. We ask our builders many different questions about building and themselves to get to know each other. --Ranking-- Don't like your current rank? Send one of the admins/owner a message including a link to your place for a rank up. Some admins might not respond to a message. But instead, they do rank you up when needed. So keep checking the group after you've sent the message! Ranking would normally take less than an hour if the admin you messaged is online. If not, it might take a bit. --Contests-- A contest can be hosted by an admin or the owner. These contests will include building/scripting. The winners can earn prizes such as trophies, rank ups and R$. Contests will be hosted randomly on the shout. --Contacts-- If you have any questions send them to the admins/owner. If you can't message us check your privacy settings. Or try contacting us through the Group Wall.

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  • ROBLOX Fame

    We are the original and biggest Fame Group on ROBLOX. Join now and track your fame, become rich in robux and limited items! Trade and earn a lot of robux! Paparazzi - No requirements. Noticeable - Bricksmith Badge. Slight Fame - Over 2,500 place visits. Close to Fame - Over 8000 place visits. Famous - Over 18,500 place visits. Clan Owner - Owner of a Group with over 2000 members, or a high rank of a group with over 10,000 members. Rich - 75,000 Robux worth of Limiteds. Ultra Fame - Over 50,000 place visits. Mega Fame - Over 100,000 place visits. Ridiculously Famous - Over 500,000 place visits. Uber Famous- Over 750,000 place visits. Too Famous - Over 1 million place visits. Ultra Rich/Famous - Over 1 million place visits with over 1 million Robux worth of limiteds. Epicly Famous - Over 2 million place visits. Fame God - Over 10 million place visits. Legend - A ROBLOX Fame user that has made a huge contribution of their time to the group.

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  • Steampunk

    The Steampunk is for any steampunk fans, are welcome to here! Our community is friendly category, that we can chat, discuss, share anything related steampunk. This group created in September of 2009 by Jardicel. There are basic rules, no spamming and arguing. When you join this group, you have options to promote in social class only, are "The Adventurer, Aviator, Mechanic/Scientist, and Military." "High Society" who is fashionable, wealthy, and influential. If you want to change your social class, post in the wall, and we will care. Steampunk's Set (

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  • Moderator Assistants

    We are moderator assistants. We provide reports to the moderators and help keep the website in order. We are not moderators or administrators for the site, and would appreciate if we didn't have negative feedback. ______________________________________________________________ Any flaming on the wall will result in an immediate exile. Any flaming by any user in this group on the forums or any other part of the website will result in an exile as well. We expect our members to be helpful. ______________________________________________________________ If you see a hacker please report him and give details to what he is doing in terms of hacking. And the same thing if you see someone doing anything bad. If you receive an official moderator badge for forums or images, let me know and I will look and if you have it you will become an admin.

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  • Drive 1,000,000 miles to winners! *FIXED!*

    VIP temporarily disabled. *Server Shutdowns means UPDATES* Thanks to johnmorrisonx2 for the jeep.

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