First in Command & Head of Representatives for Frost Battle Imperium

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  • ~The FBI~

    Starting this winter, 10th of december! [INTRODUCTION] Welcome to Frost Battle Imperium! An ancient sword clan. At FBI we are all about family! We teach our members to become strong loyal and successful and eventually leaders of their own clan! We will fight out battles with great power and we will destroy our enemies. We are strong and loyal. Join the family today and become strong and powerful! ═────────────────────────────────═ [MOTTO] From the shadows we rise! ═────────────────────────────────═ [PLACES] Training Center: Fort: ═────────────────────────────────═ [UNIFORMS] You can find them in the group store. ═────────────────────────────────═ [Chain of Command] 1st in Command - AsusTech, Head of Representatives 1st in Command - BlackFlame00, Head of Internal Affairs 2nd in Command - , Head of Development 2nd in Command - iiLordStorm, Head of War

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  • Scripting Helpers

    Welcome to Scripting Helpers, a ROBLOX Q&A website specifically designed to help with ROBLOX Lua scripting. Here at Scripting Helpers, our main goal is getting your scripting questions answered and making that information easily available to to others. ------------------------------------- Search "Scripting Helpers" on Google and click on "Scripting Helpers: Welcome" to get to the website! ------------------------------------- We offer features similar to other popular Q&A websites, such as weighted answers, reputation, and community-controlled moderation. Asking your scripting questions here is not only fun and easy for you, but it also helps anyone else who has the same question. Questions from Scripting Helpers will be indexed by search engines, making it very easy for those in the future to find what they are looking for. Follow @ScriptHelpers on Twitter to stay up to date with Scripting Helpers news!

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  • BobTech Studios

    We are a group that makes tons of places, we have some developers and are working on games whole time, you are free to join and if you wanna support us message DevECO and say how much you can donate. Donators get supporter rank in the group and you have some extra stuff in our games if it was over 300 robux, or else you can just buy our packages in-game :) Our main developer is AsusTech. Projects Role play games also call Classic games (Alpha) progress 10% Bulding by DevECO,oran1478,other. Scripter - DevECO,afik147 Builders - oran1478 , DevECO Devlopers - DevECO , oran1478 DevECO BobTech (C)

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  • Hidden Developers

    This is for the developers of roblox who are not seen by the community & are yet to make something which stands out from all the other millions of games. If you wish to be apart of this group please send HeadlessHorror a message with your best work & a short description about it using the application forums in 'group links'. > Group Founded 21st of July 2015, 12:23pm Applications Forum: (Version 0.3) Ranks Explained: Groups Link:

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  • ~The FBI~: Divisions

    This group is just an place where you can easily gather information about our different Divisions in Frost Battle Imperium.

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      Head of Representatives

  • RBXDev

    [ Content Deleted ]

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  • Rogue Clan

    Shut down by ~The FBI~

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