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  • Music Lovers Club

    Join If you love music!!! ======================================= There will be Q of the days everyday by either me, the co-owners, Place Makers, or Merchandise Sellers. PM me if you have any and you will get a promotion! ======================================= Once you join you will be added to the Just Joined category and soon be added to a rank. If your are not added to a rank within 2 days you will get a promotion. ======================================= Tell your friends to join! You and your friend will get a promotion! :) ======================================= I'm always looking for Merchandise Sellers and Place Makers! ======================================= Check out some of the new Shirts and T-Shirts! ======================================= We have group T-shirts!!! Check 'em out! =======================================

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      Music Lovers

  • ♫Music lovers that dance to music all night long♫

    If you love music feel free to join :D! Doesn't matter what type of music you like for instance Rock pop screamo R&B country classical dubstep. Or what band :D! This is a group that basically loves to listen and talk about music!:D ♫☺Miki☺♫

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      Music people c:

  • The Fashionesters!

    The fashion gang, who go round and glam places up!If you would like to join you can wear the uniform (there is a boys and girls one) and come to the group hangout(including a hair salon ect.). We will choose the latest roblox fashions for girls AND boys and the best clothes maker ect.:D (now a pool disco and hotel and gardens)

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  • Country Music LOVERS!

    Join if you love country music! Biggest country music group in ROBLOX! We do daily trivia, questions, and sometimes contests too! To be ranked up, private message the owner, or co-owner. NO FIGHTING, NO CURSING, NO SPAM.

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      Country Music FANS

  • Muisc Luvers!!

    This is just a group about people who Love to listen to music or just plain play music! My aim for this group is to make it up to 250 people then I will start building my place as soon as there are that many people. Hip Hop, Rock, Punk, Country, Pop, and any type of music can join. Sorry about the misspelling of the group name. My stupid Keyboard is broken. ANYONE CAN JOIN!!

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      Music Luvers!


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