• The race to Heaven

    The obstacle course is now optional, but to be admin, you must pass the obstacle course first. ||| Obstacle course bio: You are trying to get to heaven, but find that it isn't that easy. First you must pass the trials to prove you are pure of soul enough, or if you will fail and end up in hell. Finish the obstacle course to be admin.||| Rules: NO KILLING ANYONE WHO IS ON THE OBSTACLE COURSE IF THEY HAVE NOT FINISHED IF YOU HAVE FINISHED AND HAVE WEAPONS. Also, no asking to be admin. You must finish the course first. If you ask before finishing the course, you will not be made admin.|||Bugs: In all checkpoints except the start and finish/admins, you start in the air. ||| WARNING: RELEASING THE MARIOS AND KIRBIES AND THE GIANT BOWLING BALLS IN THE HEAVEN PORTION OF THE PLACE CAN CREATE SEVERE LAG.

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