Name: JayBlueBirds Alt: jetblake14 [Original/Official Kenshin Himura of ROBLOX] -------------------------- What i love: Anime, Video Games (Playstaion 4, vita, Xbox One), and Clothing Where do you live and were will you live in the futer?: Kansas city, live in Texas or LA one day. Sports teams: Chicago Bulls, NO Saints, PSG, Royals. what do i want to do in the world?: make a change, love people, be kind. and hope to still keep my love of Shoes. and find that one girl out there for me. ------------------- I Quit ROBLOX! --------------------- EBL All-Star Appearance (1x) EBL Champion (1x - S3) LBA All-Star (1x) LBA All-Star Coach (1x) LBA All-Star Starter (1x) LBA Hall of Fame

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  • House of Hoops.™

    The official page of House of Hoops.™! Founded by JayBlueBirds and Shammgod (9/20/15). House of Hoops.™ is a ALL SPORTS clothing and accessories company that makes clothes such as shirts, shorts, and shoes! It is named House of Hoops because in my young days on Roblox my friend (Not saying names) died in a car crash. His favorite number was number eight. Since eight has two hoops. I decided to name the group House of Hoops. To contribute my friend. - 10/16/2013 #R.I.P ────────────────────────────────── [Group Rules] **NO COPYING** No overshouting. No advertising unless you're a HOH. designer. No rude/inappropriate comments. No spam. **Violators of any of those rules, will be exiled without warning!** ────────────────────────────────── [NEWS] Partners with NRBA Baseball! [Locations] New York City ────────────────────────────────── [Jobs] Hiring is currently open for all positions.

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  • Quit ROBLOX, bye.

    You're welcome to make this group your primary to show that you have quit roblox. Don't give your account to anyone in the comments!

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  • Chicago Bulls

    The Official Fan Club Of The Chicago Bulls. The team of Michael Jordan. Chicago's favorite team and pride of the city. A great basketball team. Join today!Windy City always wins!

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  • Anime and Manga Club

    Welcome to the Anime and Manga Club, the #1 otaku hotspot on ROBLOX. We are currently one of the most active and friendliest anime / manga communities on the internet. We hope you enjoy your stay! Here you may discuss about anime-related topics with our diverse community. While opinions are respected, please read the group's guidebook and abide by our rules. Thank you! ──────────────────────────── Anime and Manga Club hosts its own website! Search up "Anime and Manga Club" in any search engine and join our large and growing community! -- ✧ New here? We'd recommend you read our guidebook: ✧ ──────────────────────────── Feel free to send an ally request; we accept all! © Anime and Manga Club, All rights reserved.

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