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  • Gentlemen Society of Creepy Pastas

    Have fan art? Send a PM to TheGSOCP with a link to your fan art! NEW RULES: TEATIME EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT 3:00 PM HERE:! *Puts on monocle and tophat* Do you like teatime? Do you like to make people happy (dead)? Do you like long phrases? JOIN US! We have alot of tea. Slenderman buys it once per every week for 20$. Jeff is preparing the water,RED WATER. Our mascot is Smiledog,we like to bring "red water leftovers" for our dog. Want something else? BEN will teach you how to swim. Pinkie will teach you how to make Cupcakes! Catch pokemons with Buried Alive and Silver (HEDIED)! Nim will teach you how to script on ROBLOX. Try out Russian Sleeping Experiment! JOIN US! YOU WILL GET THE MEMBER UNIFORM! GENTLEMEN SOCIETY OF CREEPY PASTAS CHAT THREAD!

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  • VenturianTale

    GREETINGS, fellow adventurers! Please check out our channel and Subscribe to us. Simply watching our videos is a big help. To those who want to help make a big difference you can help a lot by liking our videos and leaving feedback, thanks! We will try our best to keep up with the community, and make sure you are all informed about what is going on, and when videos are uploaded! Want to know more about us? Read here: AOTW HALL OF HONOR: 1. fungirl9202 2. TheRobloxerGuy 3. firemelody 4. abcSkippy 5. dog379 6. awesomeeve

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  • [ Content Deleted 419757 ]

    Welcome to Ninjago, the land of the Masters of Spinjitzu. In this group, we discuss ninjago games, episodes, and lego sets with eachother and share our own creative ideas. With the daily quiz questions, weekly trainings, and fun roleplays, this group is not lacking when it comes to activeness and entertainment. So join in on the fun, we're happy to have you! --- Official Game: -The Ninjago stories- Season 1: Season 2: Season 3:

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  • The Elite Army of Roblox (T.E.A.R.)

    My name is caxto, I also own exotron legion. I am slowly going to build our empire upward children. You must help me crumble the castles that have risen to high, Scraping OUR clouds, the peoples clouds! We must take back roblox!

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    We are a non-denominational social group. Anyone is welcome to join who has put their faith in Jesus Christ or would like to. In addition to a Bible-inspired group shout-out about 3 times a week, I also keep a devotional-type blurb on my personal profile page & you can also follow me on Twitter @KimmieCarol where I post Bible inspirations three times each day. Go check it all out! ♥ ✞ ♥ May God bless you all! ♥ ✞ ♥ Note: Please no advertising on the group wall. Thanks! :0)

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