Hello fellow Robloxians, I am just an average Roblox player that is quite good at Pvping and building. I've been playing for about 4 years now and Roblox has become my favorite game to play in my free time besides Rotmg (RealmOfTheMadGod). Well hope you had a ok time reading this!

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  • Reign of Chaos


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  • The Dominion Theatre Club

    This is a Fan group for The Dominion Theatre! The Dominion Theatre is now available on TheJaffaCakes' profile (and is no longer on Dactor123's). IN-DEV VERSION: CLASSIC VERSION:

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh/Gx/5DS

    Welcome to the Domino City/acadamy/Newdomino city. Duel you way to higher rank. To do this you need to come to Tormenents (joining duel)which is likey to be on saturdays. Looking for builders.

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      Society Of Light

  • EAAF

    Elite, swift, dangerous, EAAF! _________________________________________ Fried chicken :3 _________________________________________ Wins: 10 Loses: 1 Wars won under my command:3 Wars lost under my command:1 _________________________________________ Main HQ: non yet _________________________________________ [ News ] - We are now at war with the other EAAF/Elite Armed Assault Forces _________________________________________ EAAF rule book: _________________________________________ Director of war: blackninja9999 Director of peace: N/A Planning Director: N/A _________________________________________ Second in Command: blackninja9999 Third in Command: Open position _________________________________________ To get in you must be a Lvl[5] Soldier or have passed the cadets. _________________________________________ © Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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  • United Marine Forces of Robloxia

    Proud, tall; through the blazing fire stands the U.M.F.R. We are the United Marine Forces of Robloxia. We do not surrender, we do not give up; defeat is not an option. We will teach you discipline, honor, respect, and most importantly, we will teach you how to fight. If you’re thinking about taking the challenge of becoming one of us, remember these three words: “Lock and load”. ____________________________________________ Uniforms: Available based off of rank in the group store. ____________________________________________ Defeated:TUU, HTSA, NFA(Soccer's Era), ESS division,Seperatist group, EF, HE, RCR(Frank) ____________________________________________ Defeated by: Only by WIJ (Lost final battle) ____________________________________________ News: Revival in progress! (As of 5/7/14) ____________________________________________ Group Guide:

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  • Epic Roblox


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      Your Cool

  • Kitten Lovers Clan

    If u like kittens and/or cats then u should join my group!!!!! Also it is easy to get moved up ranks,(Just pm me and ill tell u what to do to go up ;)) so no one is left back!---Kitten505

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  • The Pokemon Game Club

    This is a place for Pokemon fans to chat about trading cards, figures, and video games about Pokemon! Legendaries are the moderators of the group.

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      Pokemon Fan

  • ThunderClan

    (PM xStarry if you have any creative but realistic or descriptive weather for the weather shout.) This is a ThunderClan role-playing group and the first-ever Warriors group. Littlepeaches is leader as Legendstar and Starlight820 is her loyal deputy as Shadefire. Warriorcatsgirl1187 helps keeps all the cats healthy as Snowfire with her apprentice Lizardlover1998 as Mosspaw Rules are here: NOTE: If you need a Rank-up or a ceremony done,PM Star,Warrior or Peachy whenever they are available or online. In your PM,Write what ceremony you want and what characters need the ceremony. If its a Apprentice ceremony, You can also put in the mentors name if you have one for them. When you send any Admin a PM about a warrior ceremony,Please add in 1 or 2 virtues for your char.:Such as:Loyalty,Determination,Intelligent,Quick-thinking.Etc

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  • MONYET's go too

    bowser Chikorita ride/ comeback/ save/ recolor/recolor/2zqjvr get/Lollipop get/Pie get/Pizza get/Hotdog get/Doritos get/DrPepper get/Slushie Articuno zapdos Moltrase wack king-bob-bom-bow Giratina Jirachi cleanup Entei cobra

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