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  • Village Hidden in Sand!

    Official Hidden Sand Village for Romul's Land of Shinobi Sunagakure is the main village that resides in the Land of Wind. As one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, Sunagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage. The village has originated the puppet technique and holds the One Tail, Shukaku. Rules: No random killing. No random attacking. Respect all high ranks. (Jounin+) You must wear clothing that visibly shows Sunagakure representation at all times while in game. Exams are fights. Genin exams are done by Jounin+. Ask a Jounin or higher to have your Genin exam battle. The Sand uses a Bingo Book to authorize organized assassinations on wanted ninja of the village. Bingo Book = Anbu desc. First Kazekage: Fluffer89 Second Kazekage: Kato223 Third Kazekage: Hippowdon Fourth Kazekage: Ryouke Fifth Kazekage: Sensen2399 Sixth Kazekage: HellGirl3Backup Seventh Kazekage: Jaizus1 Eighth Kazekage: Jbobby21 Ninth Kazekage: ModJordan Tenth Kazekage: Dusty121

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