Hello, Hello. My name is xEmperorWolfx, but you can refer me to Shaun. I am one of the Chief Executive Officers of Soro's! (CEO) Also a proud server administrator of SAS. (Soro's Admin Services) If you have any questions related to Soro's: Applications, weekly forums, concerns, ideas, complaints, feel free to let me know and I surely can help you out! ***************** Soro's Award Ceremony Wins: **Most Enthusiastic HR** (11/06/15) **Overall Best CO** (12/04/15) **Most Hardest Worker** (12/04/15) **Most Active Worker** (1/23/16) **Most Dedicated Male Employee** (1/24/16) **Presidential Award (Male)** (1/24/16) *** Have any personal problems outside Roblox? Please do not hesitate to inbox me because I WILL listen and will not judge you. <3 - Shaun "Don't let speedbumps become the mountains they try to be" <3 Read More

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  • Soro's Restaurant Franchise®

    Welcome to the Soro's Family! "Soro's, giving dining a good name!" ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ -It's special, when a customer first comes to Soro's, to be seated by a friendly host, and served exquisite food by a pleasant waiter/waitress. -We are all part of the Soro's family, and together we will rise and lead the best restaurant possible! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ OPERATING HOURS: Weekdays: Most of the day / Weekends: All day ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Applications have been closed, to earn a job you must pass through an interview session! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ IMPORTANT LINKS: https://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=188448430 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ V2 was founded (10/4/14) | V1 was founded (7/17/14) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ PLEASE ABIDE BY ALL ROBLOX RULES OF CONDUCT!

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  • #Shaun4VP

    Welcome to the #Shaun4VP Campaign Support Group! "Make Soro's Great Again!" __________________________________________________ Soro's Italian Restaurant is going to do Vice President elections. Aren't in the group? Looking for a great place to dine? Come join Soro's Restaurant Franchise today! We have 16k+ members and growing! http://www.roblox.com/games/180722031/300K-Soros-Italian-Restaurant-V2 __________________________________________________ Why Vote for xEmperorWolfx... -Active and workaholic -Eager to work with all of the ranks -Make sure your ideas are heard -Promises to make sure you have value in the company -Will answer all inbox messages -Inspire others -Will allow you to be open with him -Will consider you family in his eyes -Be a role-model for the future employees -Honest and Logically Promotions -Currently in charge of Probation List (Employee Activity List) -Wants to keep Soro's Slogan: "Giving dining a good name!" _________________________________

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  • Soro's Development Team ®

    Welcome to the official Soro's Development group! This houses the supporters and official developers of Soro's. Here you can: Donate towards development, Assist in Beta Testing, Early releases. Soro's Founder/President: RotroLovato Head of Development: HighSpearritt

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  • Soro's Executive Branch

    To be edited.

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  • LeMonde Airlines

    ✈️Roaring through the skies. Willkommen bei LeMonde Airlines! LeMonde is your gateway to the world. We are going to satisfy you in every way because of our experience and quality. Our group is active, luxury, cheap and helpful. Those are our promises, it makes our purpose pure and the holds the backbone of why we are still flying. If you still have any complaints, private message a higher rank. Thank you for choosing LeMonde, the airline which connects a realistic travel experience,technology, luxury and comfort for a cheap price. NOTE: ECONOMY CLASS IS FOR FREE! Twitter: @LMARBLX ------------------------------------------------------- Info&Service(important!): http://de.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=180985204 ------------------------------------------------------- Status: Not Hiring

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  • Tsunami Sushi

    Welcome to Tsunami Sushi! We are the *original* and *largest* sushi restaurant on Roblox! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Tsunami Sushi Handbook: http://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=186751064 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ A fast growing cafe! We earn many new members everyday! Founded by xxUtopia and NotoriousSinister. Opened on July 27th, 2014. ----------------------- Located in Tokyo, Japan, Tsunami Sushi serves freshly caught fish and offers a haven for sushi lovers! V3 is OPEN and still being added to! Enjoy! :) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ The job application template is in the handbook. Please send the application to a Manager or higher. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Tsunami Sushi is the largest sushi restaurant within Roblox! Join now for exclusive news and job opportunities!

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  • [CAN] Canada

    The Democratic Nation of Canada Est. 01/28/14 "A Mari Usque Ad Mare" | "From sea to sea" "Peace, Order, and Good Government" Canada is Democratic Nation in which all are welcome to migrate to. We offer various job opportunities as well as a secure, well governed, and just nation. Canada has had its rough patches in history, and every time we have persevered. Official Canada 01/10/2015 Prime Minister: Governor General: Cabinet: Charter of Rights and Freedoms: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=154102354

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  • SizzleBurger

    Welcome to Sizzleburger! Grilled Simple. Served Fresh. Interested in applying at Sizzleburger? Read this! forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=178601954 Sizzleburger is not your occasional burger joint. It's more than just grilling up the finest burgers. We are a well managed company that strives for perfection in everything we do. Sizzleburger is a burger joint, where people can call it their own. Whether it's putting you're feet up. munching on a burger at our restaurant, getting a job, or just making friends, Sizzleburger is all about that. Join us, on our crazy adventure in the ROBLOX company era. Sizzleburger was founded 1/3/14, by TheBurgerGuy. Handbook| forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=182364846 Discord Server| twitter.com/SilverAuthority/status/724310126857998336 Restaurant| http://www.roblox.com/games/169155684/Sizzleburger- Copyright © 2016 TheBurgerGuy. All rights reserved.

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  • American Airlines ™

    ------------- Welcome to American Airlines. We are an American airline operating to places all over the world including Europe, The Caribbean, Asia and South America. We have the latest technology in our aircraft and our staff are always happy to help. NOTICE: This group is not affiliated with the real American Airlines! IATA - AA ICAO - AAL CALLSIGN - AMERICAN ------------- Fleet: -A321 -B737 -A330 -B757 -Q400 -B777 -CRJ700 -B787 -A319 -A350 -A320 ------------ Destinations: -Vivamus -Halsonal -South Venice -Tarico -North Wales -Talamira ------------ TAGS: airline, airlines, Airline, American

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