Why bother... I am leaving soon (Forever this time) so bye bye for then...

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  • Animal Clan - Shadow Evolotion

    The End & Good Bye :) --Ace

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  • Scripter Commanded Assault Regiment

    Welcome to the Scripter Commanded Assault Regiment (SCAR). We are a new war group who have extreamly advanced technology. We are also have very advanced building skills. SCAR is run by Aceryan321, Enforcer11 & Kinglego11. ================================= HQ Coming Soon. ================================= Uniform Coming Soon. ================================= We are still in the creation stage of this group so do not expect alot yet.

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  • Pokemon Masters Clan

    This clan is all about fun, battling and learning more about pokemon. You can have fun with fellow ROBLOXians and talk about Pokemon stuff. UPDATE! - The current mystery gifts for all the games will also be posted if I find the time! All members can now advertise the group so feel free to do so!!! :)

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  • Orbital Vanguard Alliance [OVA]

    This is the historical Orbital Vanguard Alliance, founded by E981 back in 2009 it stands as ROBLOX's last golden age of space clans. Modelled after the faction "RDA" "Resource development agency" from AVATAR and a cross between a mercenary corp, OVA was the premier mercenary corp in all of ROBLOX at the time.

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  • LAA

    Welcome to the LAA! This is the group where you can find out whats happening, talk about tactics or just mess about! =================================== The leader of LAA is Enforcer11! Second incharge and the LAA's main scripter is Kinglego11! I am the owner as unfortunatly neither King or Enforcer have BC! =================================== The LAA is a mainy war based group! We develop all our own tech and weapons! We never use any free models... EVER! We are one of the best scripted clans on ROBLOX so enjoy! =================================== Most of our tech is not available to members as people will try and steal! We are working on getting it to our members safely! =================================== We have a very well scripted and defended HQ located: =================================== Uniform Link Coming Soon!

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  • ACSE Tree Base (Main HQ)

    This is the ACSE (Animal Clan - Shadow Evolotion) Tree Base. This is our main HQ. It is 95% done. This latest piece of ACSE architecture is carved straight into the wood of a great oak. Its detail and precision is spot on and it is one of a kind. Enjoy and if you want to join, message me. Group link:

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