Hello, my name is BlazingFiresoul. My best friends on ROBLOX are caelanmk (met in 3rd Grade), jimmyprm44 (met in Kindergarten), hockey1423 (cousin), and gigungus (met in 5th Grade). "If your about to call a place bad, look at your place first" -BlazingFiresoul Ad O' Meter Link:

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  • United Recon

    -[United Recon]- United Recon is a new futuristic milatary group and our goal is to unite groups and to advance groups that will help us in the future. We will enter war if we must, and live on planet Inaxia.

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      [Founder and CEO]

  • The Epic One's

    ■▬▬~Welcome, we are The Epic One's.~▬▬■ Respect, Honor, Protected, these are words that may explain are group. We are The Epic One's. No one stands in our way. We fight for freedom. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Motto: Mess with the best, die like the rest. --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Epic One's Official Uniform Shirt Link. --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Epic One's Official Uniform Pants Link. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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