I am 14 Im a boy my bestfriends are wumbodude, jayrome, HarleyQuinn1234, and lots more Im a christian if your a christian please put this in your profile. I serve no man or women.I only serve the God in Heaven. if you deny Him,He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven.This is the simplest test:If you love God and you are not ashamed of it,copy this and put it in your profile,God will smile at you. Read More

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  • Sounds of Silence

    沈黙の音 ✧ Tournaments every weekend! ✧ We invite you to explore warfare as both a science and an art, and to bask in our glorious history as we continue to make it. This group was founded in 2011 by a community of blade enthusiasts centered in Ninja Temple Training Dojo. Civil wars and foreign invasions constantly threatened our homeland. We defended our paradise to the bitter end. Since then, we've continued to honor NTTD gameplay, created revolutionary sword fighting technology, and trained generations of warriors in the way of the sword.

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  • Gorunaku Clan

    Welcome to Gorunaku Clan! Founded back in August 2010 by Jayrome25. Today we unite as the oldest ninja clan. Only the wisest ninjas will be taken into this group. In order to be promoted, you must be very active within the group. Defend the group's reputation. Help attack the enemy clans. JOIN TODAY!

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  • C.R.T

    The prison CRT ------------------------------------------- Application : WIP ------------------------------------------- Rules: [WIP] ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Riots on Record: 0 ----------------------------------------- Banned: 0 ----------------------------------------- Prison crews on record: 1

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    It is 100% done. Ill make it up to you guys someday I will make the building things again ok sorry

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