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"Panda cub vs Pug Puppy? Jellyfish kitten. Always."



Demetrius: "Villain, what has thou done?!" Aaron: "That which thou canst not undo" Chiron: "Thou hast undone our mother!" Aaron: "Villain, I have /done/ thy mother" Shakespeare: Screenwriter, Poet, Thespian, Author to world's first mom joke.

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  • Official Medieval Roleplayers

    A group for roleplayers to get together, discuss, debate, and assemble. Plan group roleplays, activities, and maybe even an event! If you can keep organized, there is nothing you can't do. Enjoy, ~TecmagDiams

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    I'm trying to become more familiar with one type, as I think it might help me get better at the game. My favorite type has to be ground, so I think I'll be making a ground type gym. Here are the Pokémon I would use: #1:Gabite, Dragon/Ground, Level 35, Rough Skin, Assault Vest Moves: Dragon Claw, Bulldoze, Aerial Ace, Rock Slide Nature: Jolly #2:Claydol, Ground/Psychic, Level 37, Levitate, Iron Ball Moves: Trick, Cosmic Power, Extrasensory, Earth Power Nature: Calm #3:Gastrodon, Water/Ground, Level 35, Storm Drain, Sitrus Berry Moves: Muddy Water, Mud Slap, Recover, Mud Bomb Nature: Sassy #4:Piloswine, Ground/Ice, Level 38, Thick Fat, Eviolite Moves: Earthquake, Ice Shard, Curse, Roar Nature: Brave #5: Marowak, Ground, Level 42, Battle Armor, Thick Club Moves: Bonemerang, Thunder Punch, Stone Edge, Swords Dance Nature:Adamant ^w^ Have fun!

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