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I build racetracks, and racetrack accessories.

Articulated physics majorly breaks all my places. It will take several months to fix them all. Some models will never be fixed.

Please follow me on Twitter @Paul2448 instead of trying to friend here.

If you don't like cars and you want to visit one of my places, you're going to have a bad time...

Subscribe to this set so you can take all the models I feel like publishing so you can use them in your places and not give any credit to me

Credit to wesBAN for a vast majority of the scripting in my places
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Active Places

Paul2448's Racing Collection

Visited 355,556 times (617 last week)
Paul2448's Racing Collection
Name to be improved later. Slowly adding places back. To be expanded on and made to look proper. This is a temporary housing. My old hub can be accessed from here.
ROBLOX International Raceway

Visited 1,114 times (0 last week)
ROBLOX International Raceway
An old test place. And by old, I mean OLD. As in back when there newest users who were joining still had IDs in the 4-5 millions.
paul2448's Place Number: 85

Visited 83 times (1 last week)
paul2448's Place Number: 85
paul2448's Place Number: 89

Visited 70 times (6 last week)
paul2448's Place Number: 89
There is no reason to play this place. It's not even 1/8th of the way done. It won't be playable for several months. I'm just interested in how many people will waste money and see it. I mean, the cars don't regen and are broken. By playing, you're pretty much throwing 25 R$ at your screen just to be deeply disappointed in sing something that isn't nearly as epic as you expected. Really, don't pay to play this game. You will regret it.
Price: 25
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Teleport Hub v2.0

Visited 35 times (0 last week)
Teleport Hub v2.0
Waiting for the pysics update with nothing to do...
Building Place

Visited 337 times (0 last week)
Building Place
Because yes
ROBLOX Raceway Park

Visited 3,295 times (1 last week)
ROBLOX Raceway Park
ROBLOX International Superspeedway

Visited 5,521 times (1 last week)
ROBLOX International Superspeedway
A simple 1.25 oval mile motor speedway.
WorldsofWood Wooden Race Track

Visited 3,043 times (6 last week)
WorldsofWood Wooden Race Track
Popular in the 1930's, wooden banked race tracks were throughout the US, with the largest reaching 2 miles long and 30 degres of banking. However, due to WWII, rot, lack of mantience, and high cost of upkeep, along with safty hazards(wood isn't the idea racing surface) and the spread of NASCAR Dirt Track, only concrete foundations and pictures are what remained of the tracks during the 1950's.
Paul2448 Motorports Car Building Area

Visited 493 times (2 last week)
Paul2448 Motorports Car Building Area
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