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Ramones Fan Club
Ramones Fan Club
Do not ask me to fix anything that has broken in any of my games, you will be ignored. I will not be building or updating games (For the most part, except my Mighty-Tech games).

"We'd play so loud that all the amps couldn't take it but now we got these amps that they...they can uh...really...they...they work, you know we can really push 'em, and we could blow this place apart if we wanted to, if we'd set up everything...hehe."
- Dee Dee Ramone

I am no longer reading messages, if you want to talk to me chat with me or party chat with me.

"I don't like stuff that sucks."

I was born to lose.
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Active Places

Dirt Racing- Mighty-Tech Stadium © (Game Pass)

Visited 1,006 times (2 last week)
Dirt Racing- Mighty-Tech Stadium © (Game Pass)
Buy the V.I.P. Pass for epic V.I.P. gear! Also, command admin now!
Monster Jam-Urban Assault

Visited 32 times (0 last week)
Monster Jam-Urban Assault
Monster Jam, now with a 2011 stadium that has my favorite Monster Truck, Maximum Destruction.
My Monster Jam Testing Place

Visited 61 times (1 last week)
My Monster Jam Testing Place
I just test things and make sure things work here!
Monster Jam

Visited 174 times (0 last week)
Monster Jam
Psst! Don't tell ROBLOX I brought this back or it ill get banned!
Price: 50
Buy Access Buy Access
Monster Jam- Mighty-Tech Stadium with Admin!

Visited 4,210 times (21 last week)
Monster Jam- Mighty-Tech Stadium with Admin!
!READ! It appears that some of the things are broken (EX: Tires). I will not be fixing these. Admin: Come have fun at the futuristic Monster Jam stadium! With more then three of your favorites, you CAN'T not have fun! Realistic jumps, un-realistic airtime, and a shipload of fun! Saying "start" will activate the lights that are useful for a race! Remember - Try the Traxxas truck! It is SUPER good! Join the group that helped make this game!
Amusement Park

Visited 6 times (0 last week)
Amusement Park
I just tried to make something people would enjoy.
Tribute To My Dead Pets

Visited 15 times (0 last week)
Tribute To My Dead Pets
Brick Art 1

Visited 4 times (0 last week)
Brick Art 1
This is a brick art of my dad. Lol.
Brick Art 2

Visited 7 times (0 last week)
Brick Art 2
Ramones FTW
Train Building

Visited 2 times (0 last week)
Train Building
This is stravent's. It's open sourced, so I took it. Lol.


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