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My name is brawler456. I have been on ROBLOX four years, and have started to regret it. I always get questions such as 'how can you keep playing?' My answer is always as followed:

ROBLOX is a corrupted community nowadays, and though that fact would drive anyone away, this game has been with me for four years, and I wish to see this site through its hardship.

The above words are from my mouth and are quoted by me daily.
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Please Fix ROBLOX
Pokemon Rpg (Kansai Region)
Team Plasma of Rukiryo's Pokemon Destinies
wizard101 pwn Group


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Active Places

Fang City.

Visited 471 times (1 last week)
Fang City.
Home of the 8th gym in my group Jhoto Region. Care to challenge draco, the gym leader of Fang City? or would you rather hang out for a bit? It's your choice.
Platinum Tournament Arena

Visited 202 times (1 last week)
Platinum Tournament Arena
This tournament happens once every two months in the Kanto Region. The most fierce tournament ever to exist. Trainers will have to be in perfect synch with their pokemon.
Fire Emblem: The Arena

Visited 345 times (2 last week)
Fire Emblem: The Arena
This game is the all out arena. Play as some of your favorite classes from Fire Emblem. Update Log: *NEW* Adding Great Knight, Sniper, Sorcerer, Dark Mage, Villager, Troubadour, Valkyrie, Berzerker, Swordsmaster, Assassin, Hero, Manakete, and Taguel classes. Please bare with me as I build them. *NOTE*: Manakete and Taguel WILL be VIP clases. Changing some of the damage scripts, as well as making Thief class less Over Powered. VIP T-Shirt: New VIP! General VIP t-shirt:
Team Plasma Party Place

Visited 449 times (0 last week)
Team Plasma Party Place
Rules: 1: Don't catch anyone or auto. ban. 2: Don't catch pokemon then reset. 3: Only go in the Slender area if you aren't scared. 4: Don't spawn kill in the Sword Arena
The Race.

Visited 150 times (0 last week)
The Race.
Another Team Plasma place. For party uses only.


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