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Point Emo News: 3.0 Under Construction!!!
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Active Places

Point Emo Mountain Resort 2.0 Alpha

Visited 384 times (16 last week)
Point Emo Mountain Resort 2.0 Alpha
Play to support the future of Point Emo!!!! A new section of the resort is coming with 4 new lifts. Stay tuned!!! Due to the success of Dj Hills, i am soon starting on my second resort, Point Emo. This is soon to be one of Robloxias largest Ski resorts. The new version will be even better and will have in the future: More Chairlifts High Speed Gondolas A Garaventa tram More Terrain More Terrain Parks Slopeside Lodges Bigger Mountains And more Lifts Open: 14 (1 Detachable Six Person, 1 Gondola, 3 Detachable Quads, 3 Fixed Quads, 3 Fixed Triples, 2 Fixed Doubles, 2 Carpets, 0 T-bars, and 0 Pomas) Trails Open: 49
Point Emo 3.0

Visited 239 times (19 last week)
Point Emo 3.0
This is the 3rd version of Point Emo, and it is epic!!!! Play to support the future of Point Emo Mountain Resort. There are currently 22 Trails, 1 Gondola, 0 Detachable Six Persons, 1 Detachable Quads, 1 Fixed Quad, 1 Fixed Triples, 0 Fixed Doubles, 1 T-bar, and 0 Poma Lifts Latest Update: The Summit Express is now open, along with new trails. Next Update: Starting on a new beginner terrain area along with a new Quad Chairlift
Mount Snow ROBLOX

Visited 317 times (0 last week)
Mount Snow ROBLOX
Future Project
Dj Hills Ski Resort (New Lifts and Terrain)

Visited 797 times (20 last week)
Dj Hills Ski Resort (New Lifts and Terrain)
Lifts Planned: 10+ Lifts (2 High Speed Gondolas, 6 Chairlifts (2 High Speed Six Person Chairlifts, 2 Quads Chairlifts, 2 Triples Chairlifts), and 2 Surface Lifts (1 Detachable Pomalift, 1 Detachable T-Bar) Plus Future Infrastructure. Trails Planned: 32+ Trails Plus Future Infrastructure. Now, Dj hills has some new lifts including a 4-Person gondola (Will be updated to 6 person in the future), a triple chairlift, and a quad chairlift with loading carpet. Welcome to Dj Hills, ROBLOXIAS newest ski resort. We offer some of the best terrain in ROBLOX, Including a four person gondola, a triple chairlift, and a quad chairlift for fast access to our terrain, and a beginner lift servicing very easy terrain.
Ski Lift Warehouse

Visited 87 times (2 last week)
Ski Lift Warehouse
Where you can browse lifts i have built for Point Emo 3.0
Roblox-Ridge Point Emo Mountain Resort

Visited 4 times (3 last week)
Roblox-Ridge Point Emo Mountain Resort
An Upcoming Mountain Resort. Lifts Open: 3/3 Trails Open:9/9

Visited 20 times (1 last week)

Visited 51 times (1 last week)
Will be released 2014. Story: You were walking home from work that night heading to the subway to catch the train home. Reaching the station, you see something in the distance. On the train home, the power goes out and the train stops suddently in the tunnel for no reason. Down the tunnel, you see a mysterious pair of lights, You and the other passengers think its another train, but it mysteriously disappears for no reason. You wonder what it could be. Could it be the mysterious SCP-052? Or could it be something else according to some rumors on the internet? You mission is to find out what the mysterious subway phantom is, and find the way out. A light will be required to play, but if you don't have one, there will be one to use in game. Mostly based off SCP Containment breach, Luigis Mansion, Slenderman, and Metro 2033
DjJulian's Place Number: 39

Visited 36 times (1 last week)
DjJulian's Place Number: 39
Earl Bales Ski Center

Visited 10 times (0 last week)
Earl Bales Ski Center
Coming Soon
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