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'07ers United
'07ers United
The one. The only.

(Sept.29, 2007 - now)
...6 Year Veteran...
*College Student*
Major: Sports Management

*These days all I really do is check my messages, buy nice limited hats and fedoras, and visit very neat places. Besides that, I have college and jobs.

Main alt account is FlickOfTheSwitch.

The Beatles or related rock music items are never for trade or sale from me.

|||DCAC's Quote of the Month (April)|||
"Money for nothing, Chicks for free."

Thank you.
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'07ers United
AC/DC (Plug Me In) Club
Bluesteel Sombrero Owners
Dallas Mavericks Fan Group
People with epic names
The Afterglow Communion
The Nation of FIRE
The Republic of FIRE
University of North Texas (UNT)


Friends: 674
Forum Posts: 2,386
Place Visits: 4,486
Knockouts: 6,444
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 90%

Active Places

| | [_Stonehenge_] | | (v2.5)

Visited 647 times (3 last week)
| | [_Stonehenge_] | | (v2.5)
Product of DCACStudio. ---------------------------------------------- NEWEST Update (v.2.5) Added beautiful rolling hills in the background for more depth. (v.2.4) Added a Tip Jar! If you enjoyed your time here, don't be afraid to show your gratitude by a small tip! Also new cover picture! New Update (v.2.3): Removed flashlight in game, must buy the roblox version flashlight (75R$) to use in the game. ----------------------------------------------- This is the most accurate Stonehenge your going to find. Every stone is in perfect placement of the real thing. This is STONEHENGE, ROBLOX edition.
Castle of Lost Dreams

Visited 27 times (1 last week)
Castle of Lost Dreams
Product of DCACStudio Was I really to believe that I could become something I never was? Was it all nothing merely but some childish dream to think so? DCAC was only a cover. A mere imagination of a once young boy who had his sights on more then he could ever imagine. One day DCAC will past beyond the times of sand... One day there will be no more of this nothingness, and this will be his final resting place upon the clouds of reality. But it couldn't be reality.. could it? No, no. It's not reality. This castle is up further, farther up into you and I's dreams. I'm DCAC, and this is my Castle of Lost Dreams.
ACϟDC Obby Course™ (2007)

Visited 1,994 times (5 last week)
ACϟDC Obby Course™ (2007)
First and original of the "AC/DC Obby Course" series. FEATURING: The Bon Scott Memorial at the end of the Obby. Created with 52er, switched over to DCAC. VIP T-Shirt:
ACϟDC Obby Course 2™ (2009)

Visited 732 times (0 last week)
ACϟDC Obby Course 2™ (2009)
This is the second edition to the original "AC/DC Obby Course"
ACϟDC Obby Course 3™ (2011)

Visited 114 times (2 last week)
ACϟDC Obby Course 3™ (2011)
This is the 3rd edition of the AC/DC Obby Course™!

Visited 972 times (6 last week)
This is AC/DC live in ROBLOX! Come and enjoy the raw power of AC/DC. This is the greatest concert in ROBLOX! (Tip: Play some live AC/DC music on your computer to get the full effect!) :)


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