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Hey there, Kingcreatorlabs here!

You may know me as a rather friendly person but that does not mean i donate so don't ask. I like to help out when it comes to games but if you ask too much from me then I do tend to charge if it's a complicated project.

I am the original owner of Survive Zombies in a Subway & ROBLOX ROCraft so if you see any other games that are copied please report them or tell me, thanks.

I do try to read all my messages on ROBLOX but i am currently busy with my new game and i'm also Owner of 3 different websites as Head Admin for 5 others so as you can see i get quite caught up in my work. Not only that i also get caught up in my school work so i might not be on all the time but i'll try to get on now and again so i can reply to you all.

P.S: My only account is Kingcreatorlabs so if anyone claims that they are me then please report them to me.

Thanks for reading!

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ROBLOX RoCraft Original - BUILD, CRAFT & MORE!

Visited 386,799 times (342 last week)
ROBLOX RoCraft Original - BUILD, CRAFT & MORE!
Please don't report this game. It isn't a copy, it's ROBLOX all content in this game are made from some sort of ROBLOX model. It's official RoCraft is back! I hope you all enjoy 1 year ago i had a problem with this game but ive managed to find the files to recover this game for people that enjoyed playing.
Survive Zombies In A Subway

Visited 334,658 times (94 last week)
Survive Zombies In A Subway
This is it a compact action game full of horrific zombie slaying and latest zombies avalible. Enjoy this game with your friends or on your own please welcome... The zombie APOCOLYPSE! Checkout my new game: RoCraft!
City Destroyers!

Visited 1,975 times (4 last week)
City Destroyers!
Destroy towns cities the lot! V.I.P Coming soon! I hope you enjoy and more maps and more ways to destroy cities, houses etc will be added.
Survive The Brittanic Classic

Visited 28,792 times (52 last week)
Survive The Brittanic Classic
Survive the sinking Britanic [Credit to bob the creator of bobtanic for the ship]
ROBLOX Temple Run

Visited 6,031 times (14 last week)
ROBLOX Temple Run
Welcome to ROBLOX version of Temple Run it's called RoRun this is not a copy of the game it's completely different it's an original ROBLOX version and doesn't copy the game in any way. Thanks for playing!


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