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Go Home (Story of Red Cap)

Visited 43,290 times (93 last week)
Go Home (Story of Red Cap)
Go Home. Just Go Home. Find the secret area to go to the sequel! - MisterObvious Secret Secret Ending is back.
The Experiment

Visited 7,637 times (77 last week)
The Experiment
/e pray for regen Special Thanks to Seenit - MisterObvious
Meet MisterObvious! 24/7

Visited 1,125 times (77 last week)
Meet MisterObvious! 24/7
Hug and shove all you want! MisterObvious's Farm Land!
The 2D Obstacle Course!

Visited 10,847 times (134 last week)
The 2D Obstacle Course!
I completely built and scripted this game. The 2D script was used with permission given by Anaminus himself. -- MisterObvious
YOLO Obby 2014 v.2.6.5

Visited 10,444 times (1,133 last week)
YOLO Obby 2014 v.2.6.5
I'm happy to take suggestions by the way. Will add list of winners when obby is v.3.0.0: Patch Notes: -Game is now 68.99% harder than original. -You have 1/100 chance to spawn in Stage 2 or Stage 4 -Added Bonus Obby. Only obtainable by beating the game. -Added Dynamic Lighting. -Changed Boss Pattern -Changed Boss Name and Outfit -Changed Music (again) -Reintroduced Fog -Several major bug patches -Added Hidden Monster Lab -Being rude is against the rules and will kick on sight, minimal 1 warning. Bonus Obby: 25% done - MisterObvious




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