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Real wars are not games, and not fun.
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Armored Patrol v7.1

Visited 8,202,537 times (195,123 last week)
Armored Patrol v7.1
Changed the things below, as previously described. Also, still no save but the shop has a kind of preview of what I am thinking of for save. Also, I removed the ultra shells and other consumables for now . Also, special thanks to AssassinToob for help and testing. 1) Heli changed as follows: crash damage threshold changed from 70% to 50% (i.e. crashes with less damage now), crash if tail rotor shot off, crash if no one onboard, floor is now damageable, weapons remain the same. 2) Fixed various vehicles missing wheels and parts when genned. 3) Fix tower falling when built. 4) Fixed back door on truck. 5) Various other things. Feedback appreciated. As always, have fun!
Galleons v6.2b

Visited 8,966,912 times (26,609 last week)
Galleons v6.2b
Looks like it's working again. As always, have fun!
Crossfire v1.1

Visited 32,490 times (204 last week)
Crossfire v1.1
As always, have fun!
The War of the Worlds (v1.2)

Visited 109,824 times (1,082 last week)
The War of the Worlds (v1.2)
Fixed the slippery building problem. Let me know if other problems. Based on the classic 1953 movie. As always, have fun!
Checkpoint Racing v4.1 (Shutdown)

Visited 1,581,479 times (0 last week)
Checkpoint Racing v4.1 (Shutdown)
Well looks like something is wrong with acceleration on the cars, so I am shutting down till I can fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Urban Patrol (Shutdown)

Visited 1,759,326 times (3,621 last week)
Urban Patrol (Shutdown)
Shutting down until I can fix some of the problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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