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The Xuangterrian Empire
The Xuangterrian Empire
Roman name: Flavius Julius

here is my story of roblox:
I started roblox as a friend of T8
on his advice i joined TRA
when T8 left TRA i was very sad
but then he joined back!
together with Floris051 and T8 we made XUA big!
if Tonitoni ever make me HR, i will be ur favorite HR
My motto is: Never leave TRA and join XUA!
my favorite HR of TRA is Fyritas cause he is the nicest and the funniest!

my grammar is usually bad because im from The Netherlands
its just sad u know when people who doesnt have grammar says u must have grammar
specially in TRA cause now the current leader says you need grammar if u want to be an HR but i know lots of HR's who doesnt have grammar (Toni)
im the best SFer from XUA. people are scared from me
now im trying to become Major first. then i want to become a MP
i will be active till this got boring
im almost three quarter year of playing roblox
i still enjoy every day
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The Xuangterrian Empire


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XUA Offical katana Training Place (updated)

Visited 199 times (0 last week)
XUA Offical katana Training Place (updated)
ive fixed this place for The XUA. one of the best fighting groups feel free to join!
Signal Iduna Park

Visited 23 times (0 last week)
Signal Iduna Park
Home stadium of Borrusia Dortmund 82000 seats

Visited 24 times (0 last week)
super soccer

Visited 11 times (0 last week)
super soccer
A place originally entered in the Build an Epic Fantasy Game contest
Plane tester

Visited 0 times (0 last week)
Plane tester
A place originally entered in the Sky Marshall Blitz Battle contest
XUA Capital city

Visited 20 times (0 last week)
XUA Capital city
GRAND fort is coming soon
XUA build server

Visited 225 times (0 last week)
XUA build server
Rules: insert no Gameplay, Vechiles or Gear

Visited 12 times (0 last week)

Visited 4 times (0 last week)
Personal server for when im sad.

Visited 6 times (0 last week)
Personal server for when im sad.
only ma best of the best friends can come in

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.
Private Message kooitjemaf to request access.


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