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Somewhat successful clothing item creator.
Want to find something I made and you don't know the link? Here is the link to ALL of my content for sale:

ALL of my content that is for sale should have a link to the shirt/pants in the description. If you find something that doesn't, please contact me with the link to the item and I will add the link.
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= The Glass Obby v2 = [24 Stages] [WIP]

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= The Glass Obby v2 = [24 Stages] [WIP]
Feel free to play as I add levels. Have level ideas? Message me then and you'll likely see them if they fit well with the obby. Remember, this is glass only.
6 - Train Testing :)

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6 - Train Testing :)
Yes, I am working on some tracks for trains... :P
The House [Built by Egghead]

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The House [Built by Egghead]
This maps original purpose was to be a set for a series of videos involving my friends and I. Eventually the idea went dead along with the activity of my friends and myself. So all that is left is a simple reminder of what could have been. All credit for this map goes to my friend Egghead, who has been banned from Roblox forever.


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