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I am King Henry IX of House Tudor.

Do NOT apply to me for jobs - you apply to the head of the department. Applications to me will be ignored.

If there is no head of department - notify the minister incharge, if there is no minister, notify the PM and he will select a new one who will then select a new head.

Can we all set aside our differences, at least for now, and recognise what Cooldude215 did for this community, he was an innovator of many of the founding principles of ro-nations to today.

I firmly believe that he will come back to us one day and I prepare for that day, he will take back over but until then, we should maintain his group, better yet, we should clean up his group into what he wanted it to be.

CD, Swaglord Perry Perry Chicken #nandos
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(CA) Canada Republic
[AP] Associated Press
-[AU]- Republic Of Australia
[CA]  Commonwealth of Canada
[IL]  State  of  Israel
[MAL]  Republic of Malta
[NATO]    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
[NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization
[PRC] People's Republic of China
[PS]  Palestine
[RNOR] Law Enforcement Division
[UK]   Foreign and Commonwealth Office
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Active Places

[UK] City of London

Visited 135 times (135 last week)
[UK] City of London
London V4 UK Group here!: [The City of London is the Center of the United Kingdom, A popular city in the Ro-nation world. It is known for its quite distinctive criminal activity, London is where the Activity and action plays. You can explore, hang out, mess about, stalk or even join here. Prev History: V2 Blog: Weekly Roundup 21/07/2013 Official YT Roblox Review by : Jointly built by Cooldude215 and SodoffBaldrick (HenryOfHouseTudor)
[UK] FOB Sticky - The Green Zone

Visited 229 times (13 last week)
[UK] FOB Sticky  - The Green Zone
FOB Sticky is a Forward Operating Base of the British army located in the Green Zone of Helman Province, currently stationed here are the armoured components of the British Force. Hold the Main flag for 1200 seconds to win. Follow instructions from there on. Credit to Sneakattack88 for most of the place - stay classy babe.
[UK] Fullwood Barracks

Visited 882 times (53 last week)
[UK]  Fullwood Barracks
A large British Army Drill base located in the North West of England.
[UK] Marksmanship Training

Visited 199 times (2 last week)
[UK] Marksmanship Training
Pte. C. W. Gurney M.M. - 4224 Loyal North Lancs

Visited 71 times (14 last week)
Pte. C. W. Gurney M.M. - 4224 Loyal North Lancs
This is a display that I've put together and wish to share with my friends on roblox, it contains the medals won by my Great Great Grandfather during the Great War. He won the following; 1914-15 Star British War Medal British Victory Medal Military Medal Charles Won his bravery medal during the first battle of the Somme, somewhere near Albert in the Somme region of France, during the first battle of the Somme Charles was in the frontline trench when he saw someone alive in no mans land, he clambered out of his trench and went to rescue the wounded officer. Charles' was awarded the military Medal which was gazetted in September 1916. After being wounded sometime in June 1917 and having his right leg amputated Charles was invalided back to Britain "Being no longer physically fit for war service" and returned to St Helens , Lancashire where he lived until December 1943.
New World Cemetery -- Grave dedication

Visited 4,780 times (25 last week)
New World Cemetery -- Grave dedication
On the ROBLOX blog - Information regarding the two latest British casualties in Afghanistan has been released; I intend to dedicate them at some point this week with a ceremony, it will likely be on either Wednesday or Friday at around 7:00 PM GMT. I hope as many people as possible can attend to honor the memory of these two men who fell in the defense of the Afghan people in the preceding months. All people are welcome at the ceremony and, should any Ro-nation wish to provide personnel for the guard of honour they are more than welcome and will simply need to notify me beforehand. Silly quarrels between ro-nations should not preclude anybody from a remembrance ceremony. A CWGC Cemetery built to house the graves of fallen personnel spanning a time greater than the last century, man and woman who fought as brothers and sisters in arms now lie together, those who fough
Royal Air Force Station Brize Norton

Visited 3,274 times (66 last week)
Royal Air Force Station Brize Norton
Brize Norton serves as the home of No.1 Wing, the Royal Air Force which comprises No.1 Sqn RAF Regiment and No.1 Sqn RAF, the RAF police Sqn stationed here is No.3 Sqn RAF Police, officer commanding Squadron Leader Kl4331, a metropolitan police officer in his civilian life. Stationed here is no.2 Sqn, the Royal Air Force whose sole duty is the maintainance of the C-17 globemaster Jet Transporter which is now used not only as the air force's primary cargo jet but also as the parachute trainer for the entire British armed forces. No.1 Sqn RAF, currently awaiting the delivery of the F-35-C JSF, is the main strike force of the airbase and currently operate from the Hawk GRF-2A airframe, a light trainer which is incredibly versatile, used in aerobatic teams the world accross and used by the Royal Air Force to protect the skies of the nation. No.1 Sqn RAF Regiment is the premiere defence force of the United Kingdom, commanded by a man whose name echoes throughout the halls of legen
R.M.S Commonwealth

Visited 657 times (235 last week)
R.M.S Commonwealth
I do still intend to finish this, unfortunately I have become leader of a large ronation who I must stabilise before I can continue to make serious progress on this ship. I will continue to build in the meantime but updates will not be as large. Recently completed --Second Class Deck ----Second Class Cabins ----Second Class Dining Room ----Second Class Reception room ------Currently Lacks Furniture ---Second Class staircase ------Second Class deck~+Swimming pool only Completed -Hull -Bow --Forecastle Deck (forward) -Second class boarding +recreational areas -Swimming pool -Lifeboats -Funnel -Bow rigging
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