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[UK]  United Kingdom
[UK] United Kingdom
lpcress1 "Exams? who gives a damn about exams." obvs not people in gold group. Obviously people who wants to go into the real armed forces and not walt around on a computer pretending to be hard, that's who cares about exams. #PerArduaAdAstra

The Absolutist part of the Royal Turnip publishes a campaign video discussing it's main principles #VoteTurnip

Titles Currently held by the House Baldrick

Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Sovereign of the holiest Empire of Horensia Crown Prince of collytown and Lord of the Free State of St Paul, holder of the Corwn of Malta and resident of the Seat of the Lords of Kelsall.

Motto of the Royal House of Baldrick
"habeo consilium nectebant"
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(CA) Canada Republic
[AP] Associated Press
[EU] European Union
[MT] Repubblika ta 'Malta
[NATO] North Atlantic Treaty Organization
[NI]   Northern Ireland
[RNOR] King's Royal Guard
[SCO]   Scotland
[SCO] The Nation of Scotland
[UK]   Foreign and Commonwealth Office
[UK]  BAF - Quartermasters Stores
[UK]  British  Armed  Forces
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New World Cemetery -- Grave dedication

Visited 4,468 times (28 last week)
New World Cemetery -- Grave dedication
On the ROBLOX blog - Information regarding the two latest British casualties in Afghanistan has been released; I intend to dedicate them at some point this week with a ceremony, it will likely be on either Wednesday or Friday at around 7:00 PM GMT. I hope as many people as possible can attend to honor the memory of these two men who fell in the defense of the Afghan people in the preceding months. All people are welcome at the ceremony and, should any Ro-nation wish to provide personnel for the guard of honour they are more than welcome and will simply need to notify me beforehand. Silly quarrels between ro-nations should not preclude anybody from a remembrance ceremony. A CWGC Cemetery built to house the graves of fallen personnel spanning a time greater than the last century, man and woman who fought as brothers and sisters in arms now lie together, those who fough
New Project - Codename meneenpoort.

Visited 22 times (0 last week)
New Project - Codename meneenpoort.
[UK] [RAF] RAFC Cranwell

Visited 298 times (3 last week)
[UK] [RAF] RAFC Cranwell
[Horensian Empire] Fort Practonsburg V2

Visited 68 times (1 last week)
[Horensian Empire] Fort Practonsburg V2
Royal Air Force Station Brize Norton

Visited 2,692 times (96 last week)
Royal Air Force Station Brize Norton
Brize Norton serves as the home of No.1 Wing, the Royal Air Force which comprises No.1 Sqn RAF Regiment and No.1 Sqn RAF, the RAF police Sqn stationed here is No.3 Sqn RAF Police, officer commanding Squadron Leader Kl4331, a metropolitan police officer in his civilian life. Stationed here is no.2 Sqn, the Royal Air Force whose sole duty is the maintainance of the C-17 globemaster Jet Transporter which is now used not only as the air force's primary cargo jet but also as the parachute trainer for the entire British armed forces. No.1 Sqn RAF, currently awaiting the delivery of the F-35-C JSF, is the main strike force of the airbase and currently operate from the Hawk GRF-2A airframe, a light trainer which is incredibly versatile, used in aerobatic teams the world accross and used by the Royal Air Force to protect the skies of the nation. No.1 Sqn RAF Regiment is the premiere defence force of the United Kingdom, commanded by a man whose name echoes throughout the halls of legen
Royal Navy Technology Center.

Visited 25 times (4 last week)
Royal Navy Technology Center.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)

Visited 876 times (25 last week)
HMS Ark Royal (R07)
Currently Completed -Bridge --Alarm System ---Fire + other --flight operations -superstructure - aft superstructure To be completed aft superstructure indoor rooms propulsion
Air Power Museum

Visited 62 times (5 last week)
Air Power Museum
Just a museum/showcase of any aircraft I build that I think are decent enough to be showcased.
British Armed Forces Command Bunker

Visited 1,039 times (19 last week)
British Armed Forces Command Bunker
--- ANY ENEMY PRESENCE HERE (UNLESS REQUESTED) WILL BE CONSIDERED A RAID AND, SHOULD YOU BE DEFEATED, IT WILL COUNT AS A +1 BRITISH VICTORY THEN BE BANNED---The Bunker which houses all British Forces officials, currently the offices here are for Stealthmatt, Robloxian785, Cooldude125 and the Prime ministers Office is under construction, as is the Minister of Defense's office. Cobra meetings are to be held here.
[UK] Cheviot Hills --- GAMEPASSES BELOW ---

Visited 203 times (72 last week)
[UK] Cheviot Hills  --- GAMEPASSES BELOW ---
The Cheviot Hills are a border marker between England and Scotland, bravely fought over between the Angles and the Picts since medevil times, these hills will be hosts to the most devastating battle between the two nations since the Times of William Wallace. Weapon Control Left Mouse - Fire Lower Weapon - Z Raise Weapon - X Zoom in - Q Sprint - E Reload - R This same applies to all weapons
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