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The Agents Team
The Agents Team
Roblox, don't even try banning me, because in the end, I will win!

"When you look deep, you'll find how much life sucks. But you keep on trying, because you've still got a chance to make a difference. Now it's your turn. This is Dan64rocks, signing off for the last time." Dan64rocks - 21/03/2013

See you!
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Everything is Gone. No talking. No parties. No following.
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Active Places

DanArena *NEW*

Visited 365 times (0 last week)
DanArena *NEW*
This stadium is here for new and famous rock stars to do their gigs (concerts) here. This is an arena sponsored by Infinity Records and Thanks to Everyone at RDRecords (RD Records) for the music equipment.
New Dan Show Studio

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New Dan Show Studio
I don't do the show now in the other studio, way too laggy for me.
Planet Rock Radio Station

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Planet Rock Radio Station
Based off my real life favourite radio station. REMOVE 0'S. 0ww0w0.pla0ne0tr0ock0.c0om
Can you survive the London Tombs? Dactor123 came

Visited 34 times (0 last week)
Can you survive the London Tombs? Dactor123 came
RRRRAAARRR!!! If you have been there it has won britains scariest attraction 2 years running. But the question is, Can you survive? Talk about you're experience there and in real life in the comments.
Background Exhibition!!!!

Visited 19 times (0 last week)
Background Exhibition!!!!
Hello people!! After my Brand New Agents Team *wink* i decided to do a background pose place! (One of only on roblox)
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