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Primary Group:
Roblox Tactics Forces
Roblox Tactics Forces

-Roblox Tactics Forces - Supreme Commander
-Roblox Infantry Corps - Private
-[FL] The unitary republic of finland - Eduskunta(Parliament)

Currently: Deleting all my friends.
-Other groups, I am not loyal to, Or then i am in them for a specified purpose.

Things about me: Contact me via PM. I do not donate. Don't ask me to join your group. Unless i know you. I do not accept friend requests, Unless I have played with you in a game or I know you from a group or real life. I do not OD.
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[FL] Finnish Administration
[FL] The Unitary Republic of Finland
blocklr Fans!
Bulletproof Canyon Cowboys
BYC Fan Group :D
Bytesoft Studio
ENET's Fan Club
Legacy RPG
Raven   Legion
Remade Deadzone Fans
Roblox Coaster Corporation
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Wirynino's Place Number: 129

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