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Whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I except all friend requests. My bro is Speedywiedey and Fusion101 and Caelanmk are my friends from school. Let me tell you some things about myself.
1. I'm addicted to penguins.
2. I love penguins.
3. I dedacated my life to penguins.
4. I eat a lot.
5. I have the Gluten Allergy.
6. My favorite foods are Steak, Ribs and Vanilla Ice Cream.
7. I hate chocolate.
8. I am not a noob.
9. My favorite color is red.

Here are some things about roblox:fun,awsome,cool,wicked
I own the Anti-Noob Society group.
(please join)
The Robloxian Noob, Newbie, and n00b Definitions:
Noob: An an annoying person who Spawnkills and Teamkills.
Newbie: A person who is new to a game.
n00b: A stupid person.
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Anti-Noob Society Attack League
Elite Warriors of Robloxia (EWR)
the necron army


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Active Places

Anti-Noob Society Main HQ

Visited 6,729 times (5 last week)
Anti-Noob Society Main HQ
It is the Anti-Noob Society Main HQ. This is where noobs are not allowed. You now can kill noobs for training if you go to the right from the spawn point! All of the givers, a few robots, three of the tools, the thing that turns you into a noob, some test tubes, and some noob traps are free models and there is only one free decal. Everything else I made. Remember this: War, Destruction, and Pain Follows Speedywiedey here, All kneel down to Maxicecream here, Guardians are powerful enemy's here, Members have special powers here, Noobs try to kill them everywhere, Noobs will even invade the HQ to get them. Group Link:
Anti-Noob Society Underground Base (In Progress)

Visited 76 times (0 last week)
Anti-Noob Society Underground Base (In Progress)
In Progress
Anti-Noob Society Battle Grounds

Visited 30 times (0 last week)
Anti-Noob Society Battle Grounds
Train againts eachother for practice for when you battle noobs!
Who Killed Noobertt Obby?

Visited 1,538 times (4 last week)
Who Killed Noobertt Obby?
Noobertt was killed!! Who did the heroic deed? Find at the end of the obby. The Tale of Noobertt: A few years ago, a noob so noobish and failish was born. His noobish parents called him Noobertt. Happily, Noobertt never could respawn. His parents were the King Noob and Queen Noob. THey both failed. After Noobertt died, a party was thrown because everyone was so happy. ~~The End.~~
Prove Your Not A Noob Obby FINISHED!!

Visited 213 times (0 last week)
Prove Your Not A Noob Obby FINISHED!!
Are you a noob? If you are, Beat this obby and you won't be a noob any longer!
Skater's PARK

Visited 25 times (0 last week)
Skater's PARK
Skate and have fun!
Maxicecream's Test Zone

Visited 19 times (0 last week)
Maxicecream's Test Zone

Visited 2 times (0 last week)


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