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Crazy Aeronautics
Crazy Aeronautics
So, Now, Im much more Active on ROBLOX.
Im starting to Work on games, one perticular one was
Destruction Simulator. I was on it testing and such and, It got boring.
So, My new goal is to make Destruction Simulator into a game that
Players would like to play more than one time. That is my Major goal...for now.
I will start to make other games and such.
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Active Places

Destruction Simulator [Building Fixed]

Visited 1,758 times (2 last week)
Destruction Simulator [Building Fixed]
This place is a realistic destruction Demo. The simulation is by script. ~~~The Building has been fixed so it doesn't fall apart when a player joins the game. Sorry for the Issue. :)~~~ This place ive worked on very hard, to reach a ROBLOX, Players Standard. Thanks ROBLOX for making this happen. Regen Added! Now in BETA Stages. If you don't want to just watch it blow up, Blow it up yourself! You can also have Gear Wars! Post any idea's in the comments! :D
Plane TEST™ [Beta]

Visited 2,372 times (2 last week)
Plane TEST™    [Beta]
Welcome to Plane TEST! This is a place where I test Planes and Heli's before they be presented in my other games, so I can make sure that they Work! NBC: Admin Comming Soon!
U.R.A.R.T Headquarters

Visited 20 times (0 last week)
U.R.A.R.T Headquarters
The headquarters for the clan U.R.A.R.T. Built in a dessert in Nevada, this is the most advanced clan base. Enjoy the headquarters, and keep your eyes up.
Fun Epic Obby!™

Visited 37 times (0 last week)
Fun Epic Obby!™


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