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Hi my name is Andrew, you can call me awsome, aws, Andrew, Andy, etc.
I'm a friendly guy so don't be afraid to ask me any questions you have.
I also spend a lot of time foruming, trading and in groups.

I'm a legatus in X~Legion
I've been in X~Legion for a very long time and I don't plan on leaving.

Feel free to send me a message, I always read every message I get.
If you want to be tested for the mark of battle, let me know.

Also, sorry if I don't accept your friend request (I'm collecting them on the website), so it's best to send me one in game.

If you are sending me a trade:
1. I won't accept UP or = trades (unless I upgrade).
2. I don't need you to tell me the values of your items, I will know if it's a good trade or not.
3. I don't like rares
4. Roman flank soldier & green wreath aren't for trade
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[LoV] Lands of Valour
[UK]  United Kingdom
21st D Day Battalion Marines
ATR Legends
Domus Veterani
Kestrel ®
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X~Legion: Praeparatio

Visited 12,537 times (53 last week)
X~Legion: Praeparatio
Praeparatio is Latin for preparation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note for admins: I have disabled the !ban [name] [time] command because people have been given unreasonably long bans.
Name the thing! REVAMPED

Visited 20,586 times (43 last week)
Name the thing! REVAMPED
Name the thing is back, but this time it's better than before! There are currently 150 doors, with more on the way meaning there is almost endless fun! Feel free to buy some of the game passes if you want to have even more fun. If you have any ideas/problems/questions, send me a message! If you liked this, try my other quiz games: Here is the quiz door I used to make this game: 58
Spongebob quiz

Visited 276 times (2 last week)
Spongebob quiz
The Simpson quiz

Visited 719 times (5 last week)
The Simpson quiz
Simple Name 32 characters from the hit TV show.
Rally point

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Rally point
The Logo Game

Visited 298 times (3 last week)
The Logo Game
VIP: Admin:
X~Legion Outpost Pluto

Visited 6,433 times (0 last week)
X~Legion Outpost Pluto
ROBLOX Go Karting

Visited 554 times (1 last week)
ROBLOX Go Karting
Join the ROBLOX Go Karting Club! 70
Blocky Buddies!

Visited 108 times (0 last week)
Blocky Buddies!
There are currently 100 buddies.
AwsomeAndrewD's Place Number: 128

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AwsomeAndrewD's Place Number: 128
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