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Hello My name is tre some people call me noob saibot besides that im good at sword fighting and love to beat down NOOBS its fun as heck anyone can agree
me on that unless you are the blue and yellow wearing noob but i love my haters. My Favorite Tv Shows. Really not a Tv Show really its a internet show its ARBY N CHIEF My favorite show no doubt its awesome so TECHNO****S and ACTiVATE some of his piece of works on the show but yes i am a master at sword fighting i pwn people i think i can take on Telamon NO DOUBT he is a really awesome sword fighter but i got the spin skills and the get around skills to fake my opponent out so yes im really nice but if you want to battle me in sword fighting you are my opponent no doubt ill crush you like a bug :P
╘╗___-╔ █▓╚╗____╔╛
۞]═╬=::::::: =╬═[۞
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 Korblox clan
*Nintendo Fan Group*
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~Pwners of Faith~
2012 - The World Will End Believers
Aero Labs
annoying group for annoying people
BC, TBC, and OBC People
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Pumpkin King Fight VIp at 200visits

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Pumpkin King Fight VIp at 200visits
So you wonderderd around on halloween to go to a place where your freinds were at and you noticed you stumbled apon TEH PUMPKIN KINGS GRAVEYARD NOW YOU MUST FIGHT THE PUMPKIN KING AND HIS MINIONS AND SHOW THEM HOW TOUGH YOU REALLY ARE. Admin at 5k visits Vip at 200visits a rpg at 10k visits Please vote for my place ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT THE PUMPKIN KING CLICK THE FAVORITE BUTTON AND PLAY BUTTON FOR EPICNESS......Selling shirts all for 50 robux and 25robux thats why only bc i will make a NON Bc version at 500visits so its up to you bc's choose good for the Non Bc's EPIC SURPRISE when alot of people vote

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A place originally entered in the Space Truckers Building Contest! contest
Level Up fighter/Builder of epicness award

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Level Up fighter/Builder of epicness award
This is a game where you can use your Level Up things and PvP each people and its full of epicness If you do not want to PvP and all build then go do build and make a safe place to deffend your self from people that want to attack you
super smash bros. Revolution

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super smash bros. Revolution
im working on having vip mega vip and admin commands
Ready 2 Rumble boxing round 2

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Ready 2 Rumble boxing round 2
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