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make your own movie

make your own movie
Thumbs up: 3
Thumbs down: 8
you can make any thing wrestling lion fighting or star wars but if some on is beeing a noob put them in the jail bye the star wars set tell them it is a teleport place and press red when they go in and in the place bye jail and star wars is a place with a yellow chair it is electric and kills so you have trailers to stay in and there is a pile of mony every time you make a good movie take 4 peices or if you take mor your band and in the futer i will make  and my friend a dog show have fun and when your done send me a friend reguest and tell your friends about this level if you are the nicest man in the gME YOU WILL BE COME SECOND IN CHARGE OF MY LEVEL AND THERE ARE SWORDS GUNS AND LIGHTSABERS HAVE FUN and may pal polland man is making movis with a snack bar and pop corn and kissing scenes and horror so i have a snack bar to have fun with my level and polland mans bye
Builder: bebobbayt
Joined: 11/10/2008
Updated:5 years ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: