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For the Fallen
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For the Fallen

This group is dedicated to all the heroes  who fought for our free.


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Quotation by George Orwell: Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night ... Though the whole us and them arrangement may be a necessary evil it ... My point: you have to be a good man to be worthy of honor just fighting on the .... needs to go someplace where there are violent predators seeking him out. ... Oh, sleep tight.
My uncle was in the U.S military. He knew Mitchell Murphy, when my aunt finally saw him.. she bursted into tears.
I'm in middle school I'm hoping to join the marines or the army when I grow up I have lots of storys from my family if you want gear them PM me or ask me on kik my kik is Alex is loyal
My grandpa was a vietnam vet, he told me stories of how brutal it was and how many of his friends died. People play war games and dress as soldiers but they don't know what it's really like. Seeing your best friends get shot as you fire back isn't the same as a shooter where you take shots die and get back up...
my grandpa was in world war 2 he died and im now 18 he lost his leg in a explosion :) god bless you grandpa
and im new btw
under that is a true hero ;)
My great grandfather was on Omaha beach in ww2, two of my relatives were in the Vietnam CONFLICT (No war was declared) And My "Pa-Pa" Mark was in Iraq and Afghanistan.... I might've had relatives in the civil war.... And My great great great Uncle moses fought in ww1... "Our question is not when or why, but to do or die"US army...
"heroes don't wear capes they were dog tags" - military quote
The "######" <- ( You're censored )
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